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Boron Ore Market It Is Going to Impact on Mining Industry Future and with the High CAGR Value

Boron Ore Market, By Mineral (Colemanite, Kernite (Rasorite), Ulexite, Tincal, Others), Application (Glass and Ceramics, Agriculture, Detergent, Chemical, Others) – Global Revenue, Trends, Growth, Share, Size and Forecast to 2022


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2017 -- Boron Ore is water soluble mineral sediment, mined as a mineral. There are more than 100 such minerals found in the earth crust. The commercially mined minerals are Colemanite, Kernite, Ulexite and Tincal and constitute 90% of mined boron containing ore. The other minerals are considered uneconomical for commercial production. The largest known deposit of borax is in Turkey and dominates the global borax production market along with the U.S. The most of the extracted ore is refined into boric acid and sodium tetraborate pentahydrate. It is widely used in glass and ceramics, agriculture, bleaches, and detergent industries.

The report tracks the major market events including product launches, technological developments, mergers & acquisitions, and the innovative business strategies opted by key market players. Along with strategically analyzing the key micro markets, the report also focuses on industry-specific drivers, restraints, opportunities and challenges in the Boron Ore Market. The scope of this report covers the Boron Ore Market by its major segments, which include the types, applications, and the major geographic regions.

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The key reasons driving the growth of the Boron Ore market includes the increasing demand for Boron Ore from the glass industry and rapid trend of urbanization and industrialization in the emerging markets.

Increasing demand from Asia-Pacific region is one of the key growth opportunity drivers for this market.

However, factors like product substitute may hamper the growth of the Boron Ore market.


This report analyzes the Boron Ore market by the following segments:

Boron Ore Market, by Mineral

1. Colemanite
2. Kernite (Rasorite)
3. Ulexite
4. Tincal
5. Others

Boron Ore Market, by Application

1. Glass and Ceramics
2. Agriculture
3. Detergent
4. Chemical
5. Others

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