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Boston Borough Council Reveals the Transformative Impact of CCTV: Cricklewood Electronics Comments


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2015 -- Leading UK CCTV suppliers, Cricklewood Electronics, have recently commented on the Boston Borough Council report, which reveals the positive impact CCTV cameras have had in the area.

The quarterly report reveals that CCTV had helped police with cases on a higher scale than previously reported, with an increase in arrests because of the devices. Police can use footage obtained from the cameras to gain important information on events and even identify those involved.

From April to June of 2015, 114 arrests were made thanks to CCTV, an 8% increase over the same time frame in 2014. This involved up to 70 incidents where CCTV provided part of the case package, a 35% increase over last year.

Plans to work with East Lindsey District in September will help the system ensure even more efficient monitoring, as it expands to other areas. It indicates that CCTV offers real results both in monitoring crime and playing a crucial part in administering justice. Footage from cameras often forms essential evidence, which is especially important when involving incidents with few active witnesses – such as burglary.

Often commenting on industry related news, a spokesperson for Cricklewood Electronics said, "CCTV helps to catch criminals, it isn't just a deterrent. The figures show that through CCTV, more and more criminals are being caught in the act, and as systems expand, this could be part of leading to a potential fall in crime rates. It is anticipated that many other areas will be taking up CCTV too, as the benefits are clear.

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