Last Chance

Boston NGO Launches New Environmental Awareness Video "WINGS"

We are burying our planet in humanity's waste. Loading our planet with garbage is killing the natural world.


Quincy, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- Filling our world with waste is adding more to the grim consequences by killing life and threatening ecosystems. Humanity has not reached the advancement of sustaining billions of lives unsupported by our natural world. Our connection to the planet's ecosystems is unprecedented, and the consensus is that environmental collapse will lead to our species demise. Many animals in the wilderness are now dying due to the impact of humanity’s recklessly discarded waste, and with each specie’s demise, we are one step closer to our own!

Last Chance launched a moving video about the waste filled world our children are experiencing. The video points to the inevitable interconnectedness to the natural world. We are the birds and the fish; we are the flowers and the trees. When other life forms on our planet are sick, we are ailing. When there are no birds left flying in the skies, our planet will be inhospitable to life as we know it!

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