Boston Non-Profit Launches New Environmental Awareness Video "Breathe"

What is the cost of air? Does life end when it becomes a precious commodity?


Quincy, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- From the beginning of the industrialized world, we have been focused on technological progress. We have overlooked that spewing poisons into our atmosphere may turn our planet uninhabitable. With the quality of air getting worse each day, in world's urban areas, people are resorting to wearing masks to survive the harmful conditions with no immediate solutions in sight. Unfortunately, we are finding out that air travel alone is sufficient enough to bring end to life on our planet as we know it. Our dependence on fossil fuels delayed us into taking action against potentially lethal effects on our planet's climate.

Scientists are proposing another bone chilling scenario that humanity is absolutely unprepared for. Due to the rises in CO2 and melting of ice caps, methane has became destabilized and is already starting to be released into the atmosphere. The possibility of methane release in certain amounts, could cause changes in our planet's climate condition that equals the mass extinction of over 600 millions ago. Full atmospheric collapse is suggested as another potential scenario.

Last Chance produced a video telling the story where our children's right to breathe clean air has been compromised.

This filmmaking project was started by a mother with a handheld camera. Through partnerships with other groups and organizations, Last Chance is hoping to add new narratives to the growing environmental awareness movement.

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