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Boston Stairlift Launches Campaign Informing Seniors the Benefits of Stairlifts

Not all stairlifts are created equal states, but models available for straight, curved, indoor and outdoor staircases


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2014 -- As individuals age, their mobility becomes limited, often changing their gait and balance. Unfortunately, this often results in an increase in the number of harmful injuries and falls, and according to experts, is associated with increased morbidity and mortality, as well as reduced levels of function. To counter this, John Watkins, spokesperson for Boston Stairlift (, has announced a campaign to inform seniors and their families of the benefits and advantages of stairlifts, and how they can be affordable on a senior's budget.

Says Watkins, "While many of our clients only truly realize how beneficial the stairlift is after it's installed, they all seem to comment on how they wish they had done it sooner. This prompted us to launch this campaign to make others aware of just how beneficial the stairlift can be for someone or their family members."

Watkins goes on to say, "Naturally, no family wants to have to put their loved one in a nursing or assisted living home if they don't have to. The use of stairlifts allows you or your loved one to stay in their comfortable, familiar home, retaining their independence without having to convert an entire home to accommodate them. What peace of mind it gives family members knowing their loved ones are safe navigating the stairs easily, inside and outside."

Indeed, Watkins states outdoor stairlifts are also available to assist homeowners and businesses with steps difficult for some to navigate. Says Watkins, "For outdoor steps, there are models that are designed specifically for outdoor use. These devices are wonderful to own because it enables a handicapped individual to go up and down stairs in order to access patios or other outdoor areas of their home. Limited mobility often leads to isolation, and a stair lift can help keep them from feeling isolated from certain parts of their home or in an office building."

Watkins states he wants he wants people to realize they don't have to move from their current homes just because of mobility issues. There are other options. However, he emphasizes, it's important to do research before making a decision. "Not all stairways are created equal. Some are curved, some straight, some wide and some are very narrow. There are stair lifts to suit any purpose and provide for the mobility needs of those who are unable to independently navigate stairs."

Budgetary concerns are also important, and here Watkins states often rental options should be considered ( or even used stairlifts ( "The important point is to know all your options and not to be pressured into something you can't afford. A homeowner should select the stairlift that fits their home, abilities and budget."

About Boston Stairlift
Boston Stairlift specialists travel to their client's homes, performing a complete evaluation of the stairway and home to assist in selecting the stairlift that suits both their customer's abilities and environment. The company then leaves the customer with a written estimate, believing in 'no pressure', not pushy sales gimmicks, simply supplying information and the freedom to choose.