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Botanic Horticulture Announces Design, Creation and Maintenance Services for Edible Gardens in Residential and Commercial Venues


Victoria, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- Nathan Burkett, landscape architect at  Botanic Horticulture, announced that the company is offering garden maintenance, landscape design and construction of edible gardens for Melbourne residents. The firm provides year-round regular maintenance, entire makeovers and complete renovations for domestic and commercial clients.

Edible gardens are popular with healthy eating enthusiasts and those who appreciate sustainability. The value of fresh fruits and vegetables are well known and Botanic Horticulture works with trendy backyard gardens, commercial endeavors and neighborhood renewal projects. The company provides design, construction and maintenance for residential and commercial enterprises, along with developments for educational purposes.

Burkett works closely with clients to ascertain their needs and desires, develop a design and construct a finished garden that will yield a wealth of edible delights. Clients are provided with the information required to maintain the eco-friendly gardens or they can choose to have Botanic Horticulture take care of the details.

Gardens add beauty to any landscape and value to homes and commercial properties. The firm is experienced in the care and cultivation of herb gardens for culinary and medicinal purposes, along with those that will be used for potpourri and decorative projects. Burkett and the experienced team at Botanic Horticulture can accommodate needs ranging from a few strategically placed pots to a full-scale gardening operation for fun and profit.

Vegetable gardens offer healthy and delicious choices at the dinner table that can be shared with friends. Burkett and the firm’s team of professionals carefully plan plantings to ensure they’re appropriate and compatible for the client’s intended use. The company works with small plantings for seasonal eating enjoyment, large gardens that produce enough for canning and freezing, and projects providing fresh produce to neighborhoods.

The experts at Botanic Horticulture are adept at managing available space for hobby orchards. They can create functional, attractive and productive options for potted, dwarf and full size berry bushes and fruit trees. Clients can choose to grow bush and tree fruits to accommodate a wide variety of tastes, from apples and peaches to citrus and blueberries.

The expertise of the firm’s horticultural experts keeps gardens aesthetically pleasing and pests to a minimum. Seasonal and companion plantings ensure optimal usage and bountiful harvests year-round. Gardens are also peaceful places that can rejuvenate the soul. Botanic Horticulture can create and maintain the ethereal beauty of a fragrant rose garden and the unique reflective qualities of a water garden oasis.

The experts at Botanic Horticulture have a passion for creating beautiful and edible gardens for commercial and residential clients in Melbourne. The firm provides a full complement of design and maintenance services for projects ranging from small backyard gardens to large commercial ventures. The gardening services offered by Botanic Horticulture provide food for the body and beauty to soothe the soul.

Fans can follow the firm on  Facebook  and  Twitter . Botanic Horticulture can be reached by phone at +61 3 9095 8328 or via email at . For more information, visit the website at

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Botanic Horticulture
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