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Bothbest Bamboo Panels Are Super-Effective for Furniture Production and Interior Decoration


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2016 -- Bothbest, a company primarily known for the bamboo flooring solutions which it offers, also manufactures bamboo panels for furniture production, interior designing and interior decoration industry. They added that they only use solid bamboo panels that look visually appealing and comprise of multiple layers. They also added that multiple size, configuration, thickness, color and style variations are available with them. The bamboo panels are mostly recommended for furniture items in which the side panels are visible from outside.

According to the owners, their bamboo panels are made of 100% renewable bamboo and they use emission-free and strong adhesives for keeping the strands together. Bamboo panels from Bothbest are the most in-demand materials as of now for manufacturing and on-site production of custom-designed furniture items for homes and offices. The manufacturers claimed that their bamboo panels are mostly used for making staircases and skateboards. They said that they can produce different size and structure of bamboo panels according to user requirements.

"Our panels are known for exceptionally high stability, wide range of color options, superior flatness, good moisture control properties and a wide range of styles that buyers can choose from. Also, we provide formaldehyde-free panels which are eco-friendly. These are highly recommended for making work tops, staircases and similar types of furniture items. It is a good thing to see that our bamboo panels have got wide currency among professionals who are into carpentry. Additionally, these bamboo panels are also suitable for contemporary interior decoration and designing as there is a growing trend to use bamboo in modern homes. This is particularly because bamboo is an eco-friendly material", said a sales manager of Bothbest.

Bothbest bamboo panels are also known for their versatility, aside from the environment-friendly aspects that attract a lot of home and office owners these days. The company now manufactures custom-designed panels for their customers. The manufacturers also claimed that their bamboo panels are at least 25% sturdier and tougher than oak and maple, two other popular choices. They maintained that bamboo is a cost-effective material compared to many other materials commonly used for furniture production. "We don't cut trees, we source sustainably harvested bamboos from different regions of China", added the sales manager.

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