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Bothbest Bamboo Veneer Panels Gaining Ground Among Environmentally Conscious Home Owners


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/08/2016 -- Bothbest Bamboo Flooring Co. Ltd, a prominent manufacturer of bamboo products nestled in China, also offers bamboo veneer panels for modern kitchens in which the owners tend to use formaldehyde-free furniture. Bamboo panels offered by the company are now a natural choice for making custom-designed kitchen cabinets, shelves, door and countertops.

The China based manufacturer uses an eco-friendly bamboo veneer instead of wood veneer for making kitchen panels that can be used for wall decoration and various other purposes.

"Bamboo is a great material for manufacturing kitchen panels. Bamboo can easily replace wood, and bamboo rug, bamboo mosaic and bamboo kitchen countertops can be easily made with bamboo veneer"

"Our bamboo panels are made from rapidly renewable bamboo and we use strong and emission-free adhesives to keep the bamboos together. A standard bamboo panel that we produce may contain different layers of bamboo. The middle bamboo layer can either be placed horizontally or vertically. These panels are suitable for installation in places where the panel sides remain visible", told a sales manager of Bothbest.

Bothbest's bamboo veneer panels are used widely in kitchen furniture manufacturing and decoration. The sales manager informed that a lot of people these days are choosing their bamboo veneer not just because the range of environmental benefits that it offers, but for the highly versatile nature of the bamboo veneer. These panels come in a wide range of dimensions, length, width and thickness. The sales manager also added that they now produce custom-sized bamboo panels for meeting precise needs of their clients.

The CEO of Bothbest recently elaborated why they chose bamboo over maple for making kitchen and home furniture items and interiors. He said that bamboo is at least 25% sturdier than Maplewood. He also asserted that bamboo is an environment friendly and cost-effective material can be chosen as an alternative to hardwood.

"We are looking to make bamboo even more popular among home and kitchen owners who want to go green by buying eco-friendly furniture sets. Interested buyers should contact our sales team to get more information on bamboo veneer and the other products that we offer", he told the press.

About Bothbest Bamboo Flooring Co. Ltd
Bothbest Bamboo Flooring Co. Ltd is a leading manufacturer of bamboo veneer panels from China.

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