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Bothbest Click Strand Bamboo Flooring Facilitates DIY Installation at Homes and Offices


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2016 -- Click strand bamboo flooring from Bothbest, a bamboo products manufacturer nestled in China, now facilitates easy DIY installation. The owners of Bothbest maintained that the end user need not have any prior experience in flooring or technical know-how. The user manual that comes along with the strand woven bamboo flooring can guide the user through the installation process. However, the owners have maintained that their after-sales support team is committed to help users with the installation process and they can provide guidance over the phone.

Click strand woven bamboo floors feature a click-lock profile which makes these floors a little different from the standard flooring. The owners said that they only use Valinge click lock systems in their flooring as the Swedish manufacturer provides quality assurance for all of their products. The owners claimed that the inclusion of the click lock system makes it a lot easier for the end users to install the flooring and the whole process is time and cost-saving as well.

"Our click strand bamboo flooring is specifically designed for places that get a huge influx of footfalls every day. These floors have outstanding resistance to scoffing and warping. These can be used in residential properties as well as commercial locations. The strand woven bamboo usually has a natural color and we apply different colors to it so that our buyers can get a wider range of color options to choose from", told a senior sales officer from Bothbest.

The Bothbest sales officer also claimed that no glue is required for installing the floor. The product is lightweight and thin, therefore it is easy to handle and transport. However, the lightness factor does not come at the cost of stability and sturdiness as they use high-density strands to make this kind of flooring. A UV-treated anti-scratch top coating is applied to the floor.

The CEO and managing director of Bothbest said, "We use the latest equipment along with sustainably harvested bamboo for making these products ideal for all sorts of commercial locations as well as the finest of residential properties".

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