Botox Training Keeps Cosmetic Practices in the Game, Trainer Says


La Jolla, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2014 -- Cosmetic practices that want to keep patients from going to the competition have no choice but to start offering Botox treatment procedures sooner rather than later, according to a prominent doctor who offers Botox training.

Many cosmetic practices already offer Botox, and that means those that do not are at a serious disadvantage. But a practice can quickly and easily get up to speed if key members of the practice take an appropriate Botox training course with an experienced doctor at the helm.

“At our training Botox training and certification program, we equip our students with the skills they need to provide lucrative Botox treatments to their patients, increasing their revenues and bringing them in line with customer expectations,” said Dr. Katz, DDS, a training provider in La Jolla, CA. “I was born to be a teacher, so I make the process of learning to administer these injections simple and easy. And with our interactive online training platform, any health professional can learn the necessary skills without delay.”

Still, some practices do not offer this lucrative and sought-after service to their clients out of fear that no one in the practice can learn the skills or concerns about the outcomes of the procedure. But there are at least three good reasons to consider a Botox training course, according to Dr. Katz.

First, when done for cosmetic purposes, there is no hassle with insurance. Botox treatments average about $500 per session, and clients pay out of pocket to get the lasting results of the injections without any surgery or downtime. Since insurance does not pay for cosmetic treatments, there is no middleman standing in the way of patients getting what they want and no concern over collections. Patients usually pay cash or with a credit card upfront.

Second, certification is quick, so the time investment to get certified is minimal. Just one weekend is usually all it takes. While there are some specific procedures that must be learned, the process is not complicated. And the certification usually includes Dysport and dermal filler certification as well and includes the hands-on training necessary to prove and improve skills.

Third, CE or CME credits are available. Whether for fun or because of professional obligations, earning CE or CME credits proves that a professional has participated in valuable and instructive training. Many kinds of professionals are required to take continuing education as part of their license maintenance or license renewal programs.

“Not having to hassle with insurance is one of the most common reasons that people who become certified often choose to heavily promote the Botox services they provide,” Dr. Katz said. “Because the money comes in cash or by credit card immediately, it can boost the bottom line of any kind of cosmetic practice without creating additional billing workload.”

Katz is quick to point out that the benefits are not only for the practice. The patient gets a more youthful appearance with minimal downtime, and results can actually improve for the patient with continued treatment. Results are immediate, improve over the first few days and last for three or four months -- longer with repeated use. That means practices create satisfied patients who become repeat customers, adding to the bottom line again and again over the course of the patient’s lifetime.

About Dr. Katz
Dr. Katz is the founder of and the Dentox training program that trains many healthcare professionals, most of them dentists, in performing Botox procedures accurately and effectively. He teaches his Botox training program in Orlando, New York City and many other locations, including in Tennessee and California.

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