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BOUND: But Not Out! This Powerful New Book Helps Christians Reach the Next Dimension in the Lord.

Written by Apostle Jacqueline Hawkins, this compelling new book targeted at Christian leaders, touches on a number of negative ‘life traps’, while working to make its readers stay clear of their sins


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2012 -- Following decades of experience working with Christian leaders, Apostle Jacqueline Hawkins is delighted to announce the upcoming launch of her new book.

‘BOUND: But Not Out!’ seeks to help take these leaders to the next dimension in the Lord. Poised to become a powerful teaching tool, the book is life changing, and speaks to ten issues that many people fall trap to. Among them are alcoholism, drug abuse, homosexuality, domestic violence, greed and overeating.

“My book brings these issues to light, while telling the reader what they can do to be saved,” says Apostle Hawkins, who operates her own Ministry in Washington, DC.

She continues, “Once the Christian Leader experiences the healing and deliverance necessary, they can then teach and help their flock to receive the same freedom and liberty they have; so that they will be able to freely accomplish their God-given purpose.”

Critics are praising the book for its wide-ranging appeal. With audience ranging from church Christian leaders to businesses and ministries, thousands can now benefit from what is set to become a vital Christian text.

In fact, ‘Bound: But Not Out!’ is also suitable for those who have not yet accepted the Lord into their life.

“This book can also minister to those who are not Christians, and help them to be enlightened, saved and set free from these issues,” Apostle Hawkins adds.

In short, Apostle Hawkins is set to make an invaluable contribution to the world of Christian teaching.

‘BOUND: But Not Out!’ published by Author House, will be available from Amazon and the publisher by the end of November.

For more information, please visit the official website for Apostle Hawkins’ ministry: http://jhministries.wildapricot.org/

About the Author: Apostle J.M. Hawkins
God called Apostle J.M. Hawkins to ministry in December 1998. Shortly thereafter, sheattended Oral Roberts University, “School Of Ministry,” where she graduated in 2003.

She has studied extensively in the Word of God for over 30 years, and has been a member of the Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas since 2005.