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Boutique Marketing Firms Represent Future of Marketing


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2014 -- Boutique marketing firms are increasingly attracting the attention of clients large and small looking for a full suite of marketing services at affordable prices and with stellar customer service.

What exactly is a “boutique” marketing firm? Though once the word “boutique” referred to niche clothing shops, these days it is applied to the types of businesses that cater to a sophisticated or specialized clientele. Generally, boutique marketing agencies are smaller, more personalized and more cost-effective.

Boutique Marketing Firms like Mod Girl Marketing are making a name for themselves due to their versatility and flexibility in serving clients. They are proving that boutique digital marketing agencies are equipped to meet the marketing needs of big corporate clients in addition to smaller businesses. While big marketing agencies often fall prey to inefficiency and inflexibility, small agencies are able to be light, lean and flexible.

Boutique agencies are more likely to specialize in cutting-edge social media, video marketing, SEO, or mobile media. They understand that successful marketing is not just about using clout to pump marketing messages through high-profile channels. It's about smart, inventive marketing that is ever-evolving to capture the public's attention and solve their most challenging problems.

Passion and creativity drive these small companies, which are not saddled by a board of directors whose focus is the growth of the marketing company and revenue streams. Small boutique agencies grow based on word-of-mouth referrals, so their focus is on delivering creative marketing solutions that "wow" their clients.

Mod Girl Marketing’s most recent blog post highlights the virtues of boutique marketing firms.

“Boutique marketing firms find creative ways to do it all for less,” said Mod Girl Founder and President Mandy McEwen. “Clients of all sizes can reap the benefits of working with a small firm of qualified professionals who take a more creative approach to marketing.”

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