Bowflex Treadclimber Exceeds User Expectations; Glowing Reviews


Orem, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2013 -- With yet another year coming to an end, fitness seems to be on all of our minds again as the Holiday season approaches. We might have had great intentions at the beginning of the year to lose a few pounds and put on some lean muscle mass, but for most, this dream or resolution doesn't see much effort after the first few workouts and gets put to the back of our minds when the results don't come as quickly as we would've hoped for. This is rather unfortunate because getting in shape has never been easier.

Bowflex, a name synonymous with high quality fitness products, has recently been aggressively campaigning its Treadclimber. This is a three-in-one fitness machine that combines the movements of a treadmill, elliptical machine, and stair climber into one fluid motion. The result is a calorie burning experience that's expected to be up to three times more than using any one machine exclusively. Obviously, this is the kick in the pants that many fitness enthusiast wannabes need because this sort of calorie burning would greatly increase the rate of weight loss along with building lean muscle tissue. However, does it stack up? Research suggests yes. The majority of users are completely satisfied with their purchase and have results to show for themselves.

Are Combination Machines More Effective?

The Treadclimber's claim to fame is its combining of three movements into one fluid motion. As mentioned, this greatly increases the capacity for calorie burning and in turn accelerates the rate at which users burn body fat. However, is it a more effective to approach fitness or should users stick with using three machines? Personal trainer, Bob Howard, believes so. He says:

“In my experience, my clients want to see rapid results because they're paying me to develop a plan that works quickly. I always reach for combination machines to get things going for my clients and they never fail! The Bowflex Treadclimber is regularly included within my fitness plans and my clients begin to experience weight loss almost immediately after their first workout with me. I credit this not only to my professional experience and knowing what will work for whom, but also to the Treadclimber's unique technology. It's simply unbeatable!”

Does The Treadclimber Actually Work?

Yes, absolutely. Research into user experiences reveals that the overwhelming majority are satisfied with their purchase and experience results very quickly. One user, H. Solomon, had this to say in an Amazon review:

“I've been on my Treadclimber almost every day since it arrived. I was pleasantly surprised by how thorough the workout is and then a tad sore the next day, because my entire body was burning from the experience! Now, I'm not unfit, if that's the thought. I'm active in martial arts, swimming, and trail biking. However, the constant pace of the machine is why I think it works. It keeps you moving. It doesn't let you rest.”

This is just one of the many glowing reviews that are associated with this product, so I see no reason why the experience can't be repeated across the board for those who choose to purchase it. It truly is an innovative piece of kit that has set the bar for years to come when it comes to fitness products. With so many excellent reviews out there, it's difficult to discredit the product in any way.

However, Mr. Howard cautions consumers by stating “I only recommend people order it through the official website. This is because there are some sellers that set up stores and sell second hand merchandise without the customer being any the wiser. Shoppers need to fully realize the only way they can be certain they receive the real and new thing is from The Official Website Store. The official store is also the only place that offers a 6 week money back guarantee”. Another tip is that if you enter the coupon code TFSFMAP1 on the official site you get free shipping and free treadmill mat. “For a product of this size and weight this is substantial cost saving” says Howard.

Please visit the official Bowflex website here.

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