Boxing Events: Styles Make the Fights

Boxing is a combat sport that involves use of arms to throw punches and knock out the opponent. But it involves more than just aiming for the opponent with precise punches. A combination of various styles and techniques make up this sport. Every boxer has a style and a fighting technique unique to them that becomes their weapon of choice in a fight.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/05/2016 -- Over the years the techniques have undergone some changes given the influence of successful boxers, the ring conditions, or promoter demands. Usually the styles of one era tend to overlap with that of another.

The following list describes four styles of boxing.

This style involves more tactics as compared to other styles. It involves keeping the opponent at a distance by means of long range punches. Fighters with this style depend on their jabs to create a gap between them and the opponent. They are quick on their feet with good hand speed and reach which makes up for their lack of power. The main aim here is to win by wearing out the opponent versus knocking them out. They rely on weaker jabs and straights rather than hooks and uppercuts.

Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather, Willie Pep are some notable names who use this style in the ring.

This style is quite the opposite of out-fighter. Here the boxer aims to fight the opponent in close range while applying constant pressure to close the gap. This style favors shorter reaches and knocking down the opponent through combinations. The swarmer overwhelms the opponent by applying constant pressure and breaking them down with intensity and flurries of hooks and uppercuts.

This requires stamina and conditioning as they rely on tremendous power and punch output. So they tend to have shorter career spans compared to boxers of other styles.

Jack Dempsey, Rocky Marciano, Mike Tyson are few boxers who employed this style in their fights.

The slugger is characterized by raw power that can knock out an opponent in a single punch. This style lacks the finesse and class that an out-boxer's style brings to the game. It represents everything brutal about the sport. This style is characterized by the knockout power that can leave the opponent on the mat. Sluggers are known to be fast and unpredictable fighters, and this makes for an exciting match.

Some famous sluggers in the boxing circuit are George Foreman, Bob Fitzsimmons, Sonny Liston.

Counter-puncher/Pure Boxer
This style uses psychological tactics whereby they wait for their opponent to make a mistake, and then capitalize on it. It entails winning rounds with tactics that will lure the opponent to embrace an aggressive style that will quickly exhaust them. The counter-puncher takes advantage of this and delivers an effective blow that could even end the match. This style involves a good balance of defense and offense, and fighters are trained in blocking or avoiding attacks.

Evander Holyfield, Juan Manuel Márquez, Jerry Quarry are some noteworthy names who employed this style in their career.

There are other styles and techniques like boxer-puncher, south paw, switch-hitter that boxers use to knock out their opponent. The varying styles used by the boxers is what makes one more effective than the other. Fighters tend to use a combination of styles that will help them hit their sweet spot in the ring.

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