Bradshaw House

Bradshaw House Opens Its Doors to Patients in Halls Gap, Victoria

This affordable, not for profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility offers 28 day intensive programs and features relapse prevent experts, reports


Halls Gap, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2016 -- Bradshaw House proudly announces the opening of their new, affordable, not for profit alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility in Halls Gap, Victoria, Australia. This facility features an experienced team offering 12 step based treatment plans, with intensive treatment programs running 28 days. In addition, the facility employs relapse prevention experts to ensure program attendees continue to make progress once the initial treatment phase is complete. Located in the unique surroundings of beautiful Halls Gap, Victoria, the facility helps those who cannot help themselves overcome a powerful addiction.

"Alcohol, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, remains the substance of choice for many addicts seeking treatment. Amphetamine users, however, continue to increase in numbers, with those seeking treatment rising from seven percent in 2009-10 to 17 percent in 2013-14. Approximately 119,000 clients obtained more than 180,000 treatment episodes during 2013-14, with 67 percent of these individuals being men," Angela King, spokesperson for Bradshaw House, announces.

The Bradshaw House rehab programs include the 28 day intensive inpatient program, the day rehab program and the Gariwerd Aftercare program, often referred to as the G.A.P. plan. Programs for both men and women, along with specialty programs designed to meet the specific needs of certain sectors, ensure everyone can find a plan that meets their needs, whether they are very young, are in the public eye or fall into another category. Individuals find the customised treatment helps to ensure their long term success.

"Treatment types remain basically the same, as reported by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Patients often receive an assessment only, counselling and/or withdrawal management. A comprehensive addiction recovery program needs to go further than this, however, to provide the patient with the best chance of success," King continues.

All programs offered at the Bradshaw House drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility make use of a holistic approach. Psychosocial treatment sessions are administered by professionals in various fields, including mental health and psychology, and medical treatment is provided through a local consulting general practitioner. Physical activities and motivational sessions play a role in the treatment program, along with nutritional advice.

"Visit the Bradshaw House FAQ section to learn more about our treatment facility and our approach to addiction recovery. Successful recovery demands that the patient's drug and alcohol addiction be addressed, along with any psychological, social and vocational issues they are experiencing to help prevent relapse. Bradshaw House recognizes addiction treatment options can be expensive and looks to change this, as every individual deserves to live an addiction free life," King declares.

About Bradshaw House
Bradshaw House The Next Step Inc functions as a not for profit organisation focused on assisting clients to achieve a quality, long term recovery from drug or alcohol dependence. Located in Halls Gap, Victoria, the residential program focuses on attaining and maintaining the strong foundations considered necessary for a life free of addiction. In addition, the not for profit ethos at Bradshaw House delivers the fee free two month aftercare program known as the G.A.P. Plan, which is designed to further assist program attendees towards successful recovery.