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Brain Reload Now Available Throughout California

The brain-replenishing supplement is now available through retailers in the Golden State


Concord, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- Brain Reload, a type of vitamin pill used to improve memory, concentration, and focus, is now available through several different retailers throughout California, the company is proud to announce. From Westlake Village to Richmond, customers can now experience the rejuvenation of their mental capacity that comes from using the memory supplements form Brain Reload.

Built with the finest pharmaceutical grade nutrients for encouraging memory and mental acuity, this brain supplement has already helped thousands of customers improve their way of thinking. Whether a customer is a student preparing for a final exam or a salesman preparing for a big presentation in front of executives, Brain Reload can help people focus and remain sharp even when staying up late.

There are so many memory supplements out on the market that claim that they can deliver everything under the sun. For Brain Reload, it comes down to three simple things: memory, focus, and cognition. This brain vitamin will help customers retain more information, concentrate for longer periods of time, and build mental elasticity and sharpness. Brain Reload is able to build up all three phases of intelligence by using ingredients that help to form the neurotransmitters that pass signals throughout the brain.

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About Brain Reload
Based out of Concord, California, Brain Reload has quickly garnered a reputation for providing real results to thousands of different customers via both in-store and online sales around the world. Now with retail locations throughout the entire state of California, and a growing online business, Brain Reload hopes to bring its exciting memory and intelligence supplement to the entire country.