Brainbi's AI Has Revolutionized Price Monitoring and Optimizing Store Revenue

With AI’s assistance, Brainbi is helping shop owners to monitor price continuously and optimize their revenue in real time for better profit.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2019 -- Brainbi is offering shop owners an opportunity to optimize their store revenue, using artificial intelligence. This company wants to help their clients by monitoring price in real time with their in memory AI assistance. From price monitoring of competitors to customer insights and more can be handled by Brainbi's AI which makes it quite easy for store owners to flourish in their business and manage things efficiently.

The primary objective of the company is to bring artificial intelligence's power to all shop keepers who want to generate real-time value. This company assists their clients with monitoring price of a business' competitors where they keep a continuous check of changing prices. Also, unlike humans, these bots are able to track of every data 24/7 without getting tired for ideal results.

Apart from this, this organization also helps their client by acquiring customer insights. The AI helps in understanding not just brainbi price monitoring but also behavior of their clients' customers with past actions. Hence, the AI offers maximum marketing optimization by targeting correct people in a demographic structure. Moreover, it aids in understanding existing clientele's pattern and their value to a company.

What makes Brainbi's artificial intelligence revolutionizing apart from such help, is that it can be easily integrated into any system without any hassle. The plug-ins and API's just works with just a single click that makes managing the system quite easy for all. This AI with its machine learning ability learns more about a customer base through each customer interaction.

The founder of this company stated, "We wanted to make lives of shop owners easier by incorporating AI into their business. With our AI, we can make their work efficient along with providing real time data that will optimize store revenue and help our clients to be ahead in the competition."

So, anyone who is looking to opt for services which would help them monitor prices and optimize the overall store revenue for better profit then should definitely check out the AI system is offering.

About Brainbi
Brainbi is a UK and German based startup that plans on powering shop owners with artificial intelligence's assistance. Through price monitoring of competitors, customer data, and existing transaction, they want to generate real time value for their clients.

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