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BrainBox Makes Its Debut in the U.K.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- BrainBox has recently made its debut in the U.K. market. This fresh new company is all about providing startup funding to entrepreneurs in the field of technology. The company understands that many have bright ideas but need a little financial help to turn those ideas into a reality.

In addition to funding, the company will also provide mentorship and support to those entrepreneurs to help them make their dreams happen. Entrepreneurs that want to work with BrainBox need to simply register with the company and submit their business idea. If they are approved they will receive funding, advice and support. Those entrepreneurs approved enter into a partnership with BrainBox where their business revenue is split equally.

Those who need help creating a business plan will get that kind of help and support along with marketing strategies they can use to promote their business. When an entrepreneur joins forces with BrainBox they are immediately granted one round of funding and after a business plan has been created they are granted a second round of funding.

The company has an excellent track record for helping entrepreneurs succeed. However, in the rare event that a deal between an entrepreneur and BrainBox doesn’t work out the entrepreneur is not required to pay back of any of the money BrainBox invested in their company.

Each time a project backed by BrainBox becomes a success BrainBox will take 25% of the profits from the project and donate them to a charity.

The company is also currently accepting investors to join them. BrainBox investors can benefit in many ways from being a part of the company’s projects.

For more information about BrainBox, entrepreneurs can contact the company directly.