BrainCert Launches State of the Art Educational Platform to Help Prepare the Next Generation of Professionals

The most versatile and feature-rich online learning and teaching platform, imparts the most innovative e-learning experience with the much appreciated features is creating waves amongst the educational community, and has been in the news for re-developing its website with advanced features.


Herndon, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2013 -- is a dedicated online space that is involved in delivering the most dynamic course creation tools and features available, to make learning as well as teaching more interesting and making it possible anywhere and everywhere. The traditional classroom concept required an existing classroom and only then teaching and learning could take place, but with the help of BrainCert only education is real, everything else is virtual. With the revamped website, is interested in generating new features, and enhanced and upgraded educational tools.

The main benefits for students include:-
- Learning is fun and interesting
- Not outdated, live and online classes
- Enroll in the best online courses
- Go through online tutorials
- Search for the finest teachers to learn from
- Access free learning resources online

The main benefits for teachers include:-
- Teach in virtual classroom, from anywhere
- Create and share online tests with the world
- Build visibility in communities
- List and sell courses online
- Earn more without wasting time and money on commuting
- Teach from the comfort of your home

The main benefits for organizations include:-
- No need to spend on expensive infrastructure
- Thereby earn more by e-teaching
- Create and share tests and courses online
- Tools for Pre-Hire testing and employee evaluation
- Construct a good image in educational communities
- List and sell courses and valuable tests with BrainCert

The new website will provide you with a platform that will be fully managed and hosted by BrainCert, taking away all the hassles relating servers, installations, hosting or set up. This clearly states that you can leave the technical aspect to them, while concentrating completely on your business. At the same time they guarantee an absolute confidentiality towards your learning content and information.

Unlike other learning and teaching software and tools, BrainCert is not at all complicated and helps you create, manage, organize and publish the courses, tests and other content in just a few clicks. It is all about sharing the knowledge that you possess with the world and forming a great network along with attracting attention from across the globe. It is specifically designed and crafted for individuals, teachers, organizations, schools, and universities to offer the finest virtual learning experience.

With the help of the BrainCert Content Engine you can publish public and private content from virtually anywhere on the internet. It consists of a light weight document viewer and media player that supports HTML5, or Adobe Flash to maximize device and browser coverage.

BrainCert Classroom Engine is a cloud-based high performance software that promises to offer an interactive and cooperative classroom system as compared to traditional classrooms. It is just a reflection of traditional classroom and consists of multiple interactive whiteboards, high quality voice over IP audio, live HD video streaming, equation editor, wolfram|alpha integration, BreakOut Rooms, screen sharing, session recording for later playback, sharing files and presentations, and supports group chats. It also carries out online surveys and polls for individual assessments.

The Test Engine feature helps you to deliver online tests, quizzes and assessments. It is a highly adaptive platform for learning purposes, and also supports pre-hire testing and employee evaluation features. The four main modes of testing include study, certification, custom and search mode. It precisely identifies the areas of strengths and weaknesses relating to particular subjects.

BrainCert Course Engine helps you combine tests, live sessions and contents and easily sell it online. It is much easier than the conventional way of writing down a course manually. The advanced easy to use course creation tools help you create and publish the courses efficiently.

BrainCert integrates seamlessly with PayPal and Stripe enabling users to sell their tests and courses and generate revenue. No complicated merchant account setup process is needed. Users are encouraged to simply enter their verified PayPal Premier or Business email or start accepting payments instantly with Stripe. Payments are deposited to the users PayPal or Stripe account immediately after each transaction.

BrainCert is excited about the launch of its new website that is scheduled for October 18, 2013 and they would be glad if former members and potential users could take some time off and browse through it to gain knowledge about all the cutting-edge and innovative features making it easier for the users.

About BrainCert
BrainCert was started in 2000 and since then it has constantly kept transforming itself to serve its users better with world-class education. "I’m extremely proud of the revamped version of our website,” comments CEO Yasin Rahim. "The goal of BrainCert is to connect former and new members with world-class education. And this re-launch marks the beginning of an era when e-learners can have quick and easy access to cost-effective online learning tools”. Try out these comprehensive sets of educational tools and allow yourself to experience the best learning and teaching experience.

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