Brainwave-Sync Products Harness the Power of Sound Frequencies to Aid Meditation and Alter the Mind


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2012 -- The effectiveness of meditation has been recognized for thousands of years. Meditation offers a rewarding experience to everyone who practices it by providing benefits to both the mind and the body. Recently, an exciting discovery was made about meditation and the ability of sound to alter brain waves.

This discovery has resulted in the launch of several new products that aid deep meditation, induce alternative states of consciousness and help individuals to reprogram their ways of thinking. One such product that has been generating attention among practitioners of meditation is a DVD called “The Fractal Meditation System.” This DVD utilizes an innovative form of technology called brainwave entrainment.

The “Fractal Meditation System” DVD is currently being distributed by Brainwave-Sync, a company providing various products — including CDs, DVDs, MP3s and video downloads — that allow individuals to use sound waves to alter their states of mind.

For those who wish to understand how sound impacts the brain, Brainwave-Sync provides a detailed explanation. “The aim of brainwave entrainment is to induce the brain into a specific targeted brainwave frequency. EEG recordings show that there are different types of brainwaves each working on a different 'frequency'. It is interesting to realize that the brain produces different brainwave frequencies depending upon its current activity. Brainwave entrainment is the process of using sound to synchronize brainwaves with a desired frequency,” explains the Brainwave-Sync website.

As a result, individuals can listen to alpha frequencies to reduce stress, beta frequencies to increase concentration, delta frequencies to induce sleep and theta frequencies to enter altered states of consciousness.

The range of CDs, DVDs, and downloads available on the Brainwave-Sync website will suit the goals of a wide variety of individuals. For example, visitors can find CDs for meditation, mind enhancement, relaxation and even breaking habits. All of these products utilize frequencies that are scientifically proven to be effective in changing state of mind.

Plus, customers who purchase two or more CDs on the website will receive the new “Fractal Meditation System” DVD for free. They can take advantage of this opportunity now by visiting

About Brainwave-Sync
Brainwave-Sync has been active since 2008. The company produces and sells music for consciousness exploration and therapy, such as meditation, relaxation and anxiety relief. The technology used is known as brainwave entrainment. By using binaural beats and isochronic tones, Brainwave-Sync gives individuals the power to change their states of mind. The company has recently released a groundbreaking DVD that combines fractal animation with brainwave entrainment.

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