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Brake Launches Campaign for Road Safety Week


Doncaster, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2015 -- The campaign for Road Safety Week this month has already started. Brake, a road safety charity who works with communities and organisations across the UK, strives to stop the devastating loss of lives on UK roads each day and campaigns to make roads and streets safer for motorists and pedestrians alike, particularly children.

The charity's campaign "Drive Less, Live More" encourages people to re-consider the use of their car and if it is really necessary. Driving may be convenient, but there are 5 deaths and 60 serious injuries on UK roads each day which can often be avoided. The campaign provides many statistics, which aim to make people stop and think about how and why they use their car and if they can, avoid driving.

A perhaps surprising statistic is that a fifth of cars on the road during the morning rush hour are for the school run, yet the average journey for a trip to primary school is 1.5 miles. With four in every ten car journeys shorter than 2 miles, Brake wants to encourage people to walk, cycle or take public transport during Road Safety Week, from 23rd – 29th November.

The Accident Team sees many accidents where pedestrians and drivers are seriously injured and it's often due to a drivers lack of attention or negligence. A spokesperson for the company said: "Road Safety Week is an important step in educating children and adults about the dangers of the roads, which so many people seem to be oblivious to. If more drivers and pedestrians exercised a little more care on the roads, many of the accidents could be prevented.At The Accident Team, we deal with an increasing number of road accidents and our solicitors are highly successful in recovering compensation for clients."

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