Brand New Game on the Net One Can Play for Free and Win £100k


Carlsbad, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2013 -- More than a Game. Trade. Make Alliances. Unlock Secrets and Shape your Destiny.

Welcome to the prospects of a new game: an epic adventure of puzzles and an evocative story spanning 90,000 years. Shape the world. Create Alliances. Trade and discover your fortune.

Rise of Emodo will become a FREE to play, ever-evolving, strategy and alliance-based puzzle and adventure game spread across two (maybe three) planetary systems with some really cool aliens and some not so cool aliens who plan to destroy Emodo.

More than a game, Rise of Emodo will become an experience beyond the realms of imagination and it's designed to transform you into a hero. Make strategic decisions, amass Qetoos (life force), become a Guild-member and seek to become the first person to solve the Orb Ikaran.

Launched across all popular browsers in 20 languages and supported by (optional) smartphone apps this FREE to play game will soon become your NEW homepage.

30,703 years ago Emodo began a new era of civilisation. The Questorian explains that her world had emerged from 12,000 years of war and that the EneKai commander, Ikaran, had discovered a pulsating orb in the aftermath of the battle.

That discovery became a gateway to fresh advances in technology leading to the promise of interstellar travel. During research into a new energy source from the Akora tree the Orb Ikaran generated an explosion which decimated the Akora Spores, tearing the fabric of the Miroq network. When the shimmering pools of the Miroq portal settled, the EneKai made a startling discovery... The Miroq now connected to the distant planet Kemet and its emerging civilization.

That was more than 27,000 years ago and Kemet is now called Earth. The Questorian sighs... The Akora Spores are the only way the Emodons can reach the moon of Vyo and the only way to resurrect the Akora Spores is for the Kemet-Akra (Earth Key) to solve the Orb Ikaran: a complex puzzle which the Emodons haven't solved in more than 30,000 years. They need you to solve this within a year because the Architects are sending another storm of rocks...

The cogs in your mind begin to turn and the Questorian simply says: there is a prophecy...

The chances of solving the Orb Ikaran by pure luck alone are as slim as finding your clone trapped inside a refrigerator, strapped to the back of a skateboarding, woolly mammoth on the far-side of the galaxy...

In other words, to discover the correct sequence you're going to have to solve a myriad of puzzles and challenges created by other players. You will need to enter into trades and make alliances with strangers from across the planet, as you seek to amass Qetoos - the life force of Emodo. Oh, be careful because the Shadow D'harblus really doesn't like Earth-Persons and his legion of rogues will be out to thwart your success.

Your Qetoos can be used to enhance your game, access forbidden areas or even to acquire special merchandise. If you need more Qetoos to play then there are loads of ways to get these. You could borrow them from one of the Guilds or purchase an Enhancement Pack. Also, if you run a business you will be able to sponsor an in-game prize and benefit from an incredible business awareness concept.

Everyone involved in the world of Emodo will become part of our global marketing solution and, so, everyone has a chance to generate a small income stream from this amazing game. This really is a game where everyone wins!

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About Complete Earth
Complete Earth is a freshly-squeezed Indie Games Company with a genuine, back to grass-roots-level view on life. Our primary development team is spread across the planet (USA, UK, Philippines, New Zealand and Slovenia). We are also supported by a network of marketing folks, editors and some amazing fans...

Some introductions:

Andrea Pua - our amazing and wonderful concept artist, Andrea works closely with Mike Leonard (our writer). Andrea is a student of the legendary Feng Zhu.

Tad Davis - a wonderful map-maker who is designing the space-based views of Emodo. The city level views of Merchantopia are currently being sketched by Andrea and these will be then passed to legendary map-maker Jonathan Roberts who developed the 'Game of Thrones' maps for George RR Martin.

Alex Ruiz - constant inspiration who has previously worked on Avatar, Aliens, Eragon, Halo 3, Family Guy and the Simpsons. Alex begins working on Rise of Emodo in June.

Vlado Hudec - creates some wonderfully epic soundtracks and he will be handling the primary music development for Rise of Emodo.

Jon Mohr - has a warm narrative voice and when you hear him, you know you've heard him before. He's like an old friend you've never met. Jon will become the voice of the Memory Stones and Codex Emodo.

Lili Wexu - will become the voice of the Questorian. Lili has worked on a couple ofAssassin's Creed games and was also an actor in AVP Requiem. Lili always seems so excited by the prospects of Rise of Emodo that she's agreed to voice a stretch reward for you guys...

Naomi Mercer - the voice of the Bandies in John Chafont's 'Band Together; Naomi has also voiced in Mass Effect 2. Expect Naomi in Phase 2 of Rise of Emodo...

David J Peterson - gets a special mention. We want Emodo to be rich and diverse and whilst your Menorgra's Gift amulet enables you to converse with our aliens, we really wanted to breathe some life into the languages of both the Emodon and Architects. David has helped us in the early phases of language creation, with the languages themselves coming via the Language Creation Society (of which he is President). David has previously worked on Game of Thrones and Defiance .

Jason Godbey - more for Rise of Emodo Phase 2, Jason has worked on environment design for God of War: Ghosts of Sparta.

Alien Apple Studios  - again for Rise of Emodo Phase 2, Donna and Stu Jennet have spent nearly two decades each working on AAA games in senior positions for some of the largest studios on Earth, including Rage and THQ Digital UK.
The complete story of Emodo spans 18 chapters and that's going to take several years and several million dollars to complete. We want to launch the first chapter - Rise of Emodo - this year and so we divided the game into two phases.

Phase 1 can be completed by this Kickstarter giving you access to a vibrant world. Expect a browser-based game with some wonderful digital artwork; a powerful, app-driven User Interface (UI) and; an incredible player experience. Think 'Myst' and you will be in the right area...

We know that for $36,000 we can complete the work we've started and deliver to you an incredible game. Deep down though, we want to go further. We want to breathe life into an awesome, interactive virtual world designed in the stunning Unity 3D and if you help us achieve $300,000+ we can begin to deliver that experience in 2014.

What's Beyond This?

We already want to create Chapter 2 and discover the new adventures when the Emodons finally reach the moon Vyo and make a shattering discovery. We want to explore the Shadow D'harblus some more. He's lived for 32,000 years: a weapon created in the Age of Wars who still has some grudges. We also want to write the books that our fans keep asking for. Together with our awesome Kickstarter friends we can achieve this and a whole lot more!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Some of us within Complete Earth are on steep learning curves, as this is the first game we have ever set out to develop. Thankfully we are not the ones who are programming anything! Instead we have put a team of seasoned professionals together who are making this happen. Phase 1 (this Kickstarter) is non-demanding (in terms of time schedules).

The back story is already written and the database work is well underway. The logic of the game is well understood and suppliers for every reward can complete their aspect with a maximum 8 weeks lead time. We have given ourselves another month to complete the coffee-table art book. Naturally work is ongoing during this Kickstarter and you will see the fruits of our labor during the campaign.

Some unforeseen delays can occur and the moment we feel that these are likely to impact delivery times we will inform you. Something we haven't factored into this Kickstarter is the delay for international shipping.

At the end of everything please know that Rise of Emodo is something we've been dreaming of for years and we want to ensure that a fantastic game emerges: one which you and your family will want to play for a very long time. It has to be perfect and it has to be fun. When you become a backer, you will be directly involved in the Beta version. We are confident that everyone involved will help to make this an exceptional experience!