Brand New Groundbreaking Marketing System Revealed- Users Calling it “The Most Profitable Marketing Strategy Since the Internet”


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2011 -- As a result of the recent demand for effective ways to make money online, Guide 2 Mobile Marketing has been getting a lot of attention from the internet marketing community over the past several months.

These days everyone is trying to make money online. But what they don’t realize is that online marketing is severally limited. The average consumer checks his/her email once or twice a day at most, and the barrage of advertising in today’s online marketplace (banners, pop ups, etc) is so prevalent that consumers barely even see them anymore.

Unlike the internet, there is an untapped avenue of highly effective marketing that is growing larger everyday- and that’s mobile marketing. By leveraging the massive potential that sits in the pockets and purses of billions of people all over the world, marketers can access consumers at an unprecedented rate, and get higher “open rates” than email ever did even during its hay day.

According to a recent study, there are over 5 billion people worldwide who have cell phones, and only 2 billion people with internet access. These statistics alone are staggering, and they clearly point to the fact that mobile marketing is the next step in the evolution of online marketing.

In response to this recent demand, Mobile Revolution is providing a free tutorial that outlines the techniques and methods for making money with mobile marketing.

The program teaches the many facets of successful mobile marketing including how to create successful mobile marketing campaigns, which interface is the most effective for sending bulk messages, how to circumvent spam filters, how to get people to read a message, how to create catchy sales text, and how to get a specific point across so that people will follow a call to action. All these combine to create mobile campaigns that are exponentially more powerful than any other form of marketing; and exponentially more profitable as well.

So far the feedback for the system has been overwhelmingly positive. According to Jerry Greaves, he made over 6 times the amount of profits with mobile marketing than he ever has with traditional forms of online marketing: “I have an IM business and with the constant changes and competition on the internet it is harder and harder to make money online. When I first saw this program I was skeptical, but when a friend told me how effective it was I decided to give it a try. Long story short, I made more in one month than I did in six months with my other IM methods. The response rate was way above my expectations, and because we reached people in a friendly way through their cell phones they were already warmed up and ready to buy our product. This program really works.”

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