Brand New Hearing Product Sends Shockwaves Through the Medical Community- Doctors Baffled by Its Effectiveness


Candler, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2011 -- Alternative medicine has gone where conventional medicine has often failed – improving people’s hearing. The Hearing Fix has just recently come on the market and unlike any other hearing loss prevention product, it works with the patient’s body to optimise and rebuild nerve connections between the ear and the brain.

This revolutionary treatment is taken in simple capsule form and hearing loss sufferers have experienced improved hearing within 4-6 hours after taking The Hearing Fix capsule and long-term use has resulted in increased nerve activity connecting the inner-ear to the brain and overall better hearing.

Hearing loss symptoms can be caused by a number of different factors. One of the most common afflictions is sensorineural hearing loss. Sensorineural hearing loss causes include over exposure to loud noises, head trauma, infections or just through the aging process.

The ingredients in the hearing fix have been proven through clinical studies from Florida, Michigan and Washington Universities to help people suffering from sensorineural hearing loss – particularly with long-term use – to boost and rebuild nerve activity.

The treatment was also tested in the treatment of tinnitus, otherwise known as ‘ringing ears’. Tinnitus affects millions of people with many just thinking it was something they had to live with. The Hearing Fix can reduce tinnitus dramatically and improve all round hearing.

Dr. Neil Bauman said the Hearing Fix promotes “good ear health” and as it provides “powerful antioxidants and antibiotic functions, it can help you maintain healthy ears, and help prevent further hearing loss caused by living in our noisy world.”

Dr. Baumann goes on to say “If you expose your ears to loud sounds, take drugs or eat foods that produce free radicals, these antioxidants [in The Hearing Fix] will work to zap the free radicals, and thus help preserve your hearing. As a side benefit, if you preserve your hearing, you have a much better chance of not having annoying tinnitus either.”

In addition to having a positive effect on a user’s hearing, The Hearing Fix has also been shown to increase brain function, reduce fatigue, decrease stress and improve balance on coordination. These side effects are as a result of the supplement been spread throughout the entire body.

Users of The Hearing Fix have experienced differing results, some decide to take the supplement long term, while other users have stopped the treatment after their hearing has improved.

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