Brand New Line Dancing CD Gets Rave Reviews by Providing a Single Disc With All the Tracks a Line Dancer Could Ever Need


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2011 -- Answering the need for music that is specifically designed to help people practice line dancing, Paul Fitz-Patrick is announcing the release of his brand new Album, “The Line Dance CD.”

For those who have tried line dancing they can attest that dances are not always easy to learn. Going to a bar and watching everyone perform a complex line dance can be disconcerting; especially for those who don’t have a great deal of “natural skill” when it comes to dancing.

What’s worse, even when dancers have the opportunity to practice in their spare time suitable songs are often difficult to find. A person might go home with a line dance step sheet and waste half the night trying to find a single song that suits it. Whether it is too fast, too slow, or buried between hundreds of other songs that “just don’t fit;” the wrong music can stop a routine dead in its tracks.

Providing practice-specific line dancing songs,The Line Dance CD offers 23 tracks of varying speeds, all which are suitable for practicing almost any style of line dancing. The songs start slow and build speed as the tracks increase which allows dancers to “work up” to the tempo they want to get to.

The tracks are also situated between two different styles- swing and even. To make it easier to remember the swing tracks, which have an uneven feel, they are located on the uneven tracks (tracks 1,3,5,7, etc); And to remember the even tempos, which have an even feel, they are listed on the even tracks. Bonus waltz tracks are also included to maximize users’ opportunity for practice.

The CD also teaches dancers how to “count-in,” or find out exactly when the actual dance is going to start. Each song begins with a series of click-offs (like a drummer clicking his sticks), then the user is shown how to count with the music and start dancing on the 5th bar.

According to Paul Fitz-Patrick: “Being a professional musician for about 12 years, I had the knowledge and skills to create this CD from scratch, so over the past several years, with lots of blood, sweat and tears and a great deal of fun, I have developed “THE Line Dance CD” which I now want to share with you to make your line dancing a whole lot more fun.”

So far The Line Dance CD has been met with rave reviews from the line dancing community. Not only does it make line dancing easy to learn, but it offers varying levels of difficulty and is suitable for all skill levels.

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