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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- Monitoring someone’s mobile phone without their knowledge may seem like a gross invasion of privacy but these days it has become a common practice. Concerned parents monitor their children’s cell phone activities to keep them safe. Employers monitor the company mobile phones given to their employees to make sure that they do not misuse the phones. A mobile monitoring software can basically turn a mobile phone into a surveillance device. Mobile monitoring software has become one of the most notable applications available in the market today. This software is easy to install and use. Once it is installed in the target phone, it silently logs various activities such as call logs and SMS information as well as GPS locations. This information is then uploaded to the user’s private online account and can be viewed using any web browser.

These days, many companies are developing this mobile monitoring software and with so many products available today, it becomes difficult finding the best one. One of the most popular mobile monitoring software in the market today is Mspy. Mspy or My Spy is an advanced mobile monitoring software that has been created to help its users track every detail of the target phone’s activities. This software is easy to use and boasts of a wide range of features. Once installed onto the target cell phone, the users can view call history, read text messages, record calls, read emails, block websites and apps, track its location and perform many more actions.

Unlike some other monitoring software, MSpy does not use SMS commands. This means a customer does not have to bear extra costs for messages and can be sure that there will be no tracks in the phone’s sent box. In order to ensure that customers have the best experience with MSpy and, they have an excellent customer service team available 24/7. MSpy also offers customers a 10 day return policy.

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