Brand New Video Marketing Workshop Shows Untapped Methods for Making Money Online- Excited Internet Marketers Jump on Board

New course outlines the step by step method for using video marketing to generate traffic and sales to a website


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2011 -- In response to the recent demand for effective ways to make money online, Sarah Staar is announcing the release of her new workshop that helps aspiring internet marketers make money with video marketing.

According to a recent study by Matt Cutts of Google’s webspam team, a frightening amount of affiliate marketing gurus are not making money anymore with affiliate marketing. These are people who made a killing while their idea was hot, but the internet moves at such a fast pace that by the time they sell their idea it is no longer effective.

The truth is, most gurus make their money from selling their techniques to others, not necessarily from the techniques themselves. Sarah offers terse advice to anyone who is looking to make money online: “If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.”

Despite this hard truth, there are always opportunities for those pragmatic enough to search for them- especially on the internet. With the recent changes to Google’s algorithm, as well as their recent purchase of, the death of marketing avenues such as PPC, article marketing, and automated website creators has opened the door to a yet untapped way to make money online- and that is video marketing.

In Sarah’s brand new course she outlines the step by step method for using video marketing to generate traffic and sales to a website. She has already seen great success with her methods for her own products, and she is often at the top of JV top seller lists when she uses her methods for affiliate offers.

In fact, Sarah Staar has become a respected name among affiliate marketers. Some of the most respected “guru’s” in the field have approached her for advice due to her success with video marketing.

The video series includes 9 training modules that take users through every step of the video marketing process. All relevant areas are touched upon, including how to make an effective video, how to edit, screen capturing techniques, how to market correctly to different pools of potential customers, how to host a video correctly while protecting it from theft, and how to outsource to video actors for rock bottom rates. The information is considered so effective that Sarah will cut off sales at 100 copies so as to not create too much competition for herself.

In addition to the video series, Sarah is also offering a free bonus course titled “$1000 in 3 days” which users are saying: “Is worth the same price as the actual course.”

So far the feedback for Video Marketing Workshop has been outstanding. Rather than simply selling off dead and ineffective online money making strategies, it is an untapped system that will prove massively profitable for all who use it. To learn more about video Marketing Workshop, please visit: