Brand New Web App Helps Drive Sales and Success to Normal People

Groundbreaking App Provides People With The Latest Marketing Tools, Free


Geneva, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2014 -- Ordinary people are having extraordinary success sharing and selling their products and services over the World Wide Web. The process is getting easier every year, and in May 2013 an exciting new web app was launched, making it even more streamlined.

This little-known but powerful app, the brainchild of Matina Sakkas, allows users to deliver content effectively to customers and clients around the world without being bogged down by technical requirements and IT jargon - for free!

Sakkas reveals how the collaboration of some of the world's best web developers, graphic designers and code monkeys enabled her to create her own products and content online, that is not only easy to use but offers several key benefits for digital marketers in all fields, business individuals and corporate alike:

- No geographical restriction - share, sell and advertise your online and offline business around the world
- Deliver all your digital products - this web app's smart system makes content creation, and delivery but also receiving payment easy
- No need to reinvent the wheel - work smart by using a web app that handles the technical aspects for you, allowing you to focus on what you're best at: that is delivering your message to the world
- Share your expertise - by removing time and money consuming aspects, and focus on delivering quality product in a few hours

New features are being added constantly, making this app a secret market leader in providing up-to-date tools and information in a quality package.

The app was born way after Matina Sakkas, who started her digital journey in 2008, at a time she was looking for methods to reach out to new customers for her beauty salon.

With a remote location and a dreadful economic climate, her internet presence was the one thing that prevented her business from sinking. In fact her efforts and online training brought her results beyond what she had imagined.

Since this revelation, Sakkas has crafted a newsletter in which she shares her tips and tricks on how to leverage the power of the internet for business success and avoid the traps, scams and pitfalls that many fall into.

Start seeing significant business gains today and sign up to the newsletter to discover the app that's quickly becoming a world leader in marketing for all.

About Matina Sakkas
Since 2008, Matina Sakkas has been a digital marketer with a mission to help others achieve online success while avoiding getting dragged down by technical details and unscrupulous scams. She is a fervent believer in the power of digital marketing for internet business success.

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