Brand New Web Directory on Net Launched

Directory On Net Announces Opening Its Online Operations as Paid Web Directory for Listing Websites on Various Niches and Subjects with Human Editing and Scrutiny


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2012 -- Directory on Net, An announcement released today from Directory On Net says that they are launching the brand new Web Directory in the name and style of, for the purpose of listing websites under various categories, niches, subjects, topics and businesses. This announcement is made by the new Web Directory, with the intention of making public the intimation of the arrival of a totally new Paid Web Directory online, to all the website owners, web masters engaged in SEO Services and all the online visitors in general.

The announcement of today from Directory On Net states categorically, the aims and objectives of this new Web Directory. First of all the launched Web Directory will strive hard to achieve the accolade from one and all as the “Best Online Business Directory” of them all. Towards this goal, the announcement assures emphatically, Directory On Net will take every step and every precaution in selecting the websites submitted for listing on any category.

Today’s announcement of Directory On Net added further, the website categories that can be listed have been published in their existing website on preliminary-basis only. The list will grow further in the near future, to take into their fold many niches, topics and subjects as sub-categories, so that this Paid Web Directory gives larger scope for all the websites, vying with each other to get prominence and popularity, among net-visitors.

At the outset, the Directory On Net announcement wishes to make one point very clear. The professional website editors and developers at their employment will individually scrutinize every website, submitted for listing in their web directory, not by mechanical devices but by human efforts and human mind. This way, the announcement says, the quality criteria expected by the Search Engines, for picking and projecting before the web-visitors, which is the only way to get the website concerned introduced to the searching net-visitor will be completely upheld.

Only such a close scrutiny and evaluation of each website, the announcement points out, will enable the Web Directory induct high-quality websites for getting High Ranking Status from the Search Engines. The Web Directory getting High Ranking will in turn help only website owners ultimately, by the instant-picking up by Search Engines, without hesitation on priority basis and diverting tremendous flow of visitor-traffic, to do business with the concerned websites.

As of today, the need for fresh Web Directories is increasing, given the fact that already there are more than 100 million websites floated online, and another 3 to 4 million websites are getting floated every month. On the other hand, the visitor population to the World Wide Web has been increasing steadily over the years, which stands at 600 million plus as of today. With the advent of mushrooming smart phones all over the world, the volume of desk top and laptop computers is getting dwarfed faster.

In this speed, it is not far from now that with such easy accessibility to the Internet on the go, for the number of online population getting expanded exponentially. So in order to cater to the increased volume of website searchers, the workload on Web Directories is bound to increase. This heavy demand can only be met with new Web Directories upcoming large in number.

Directory On Net Web Directory enters the fray right on time, giving broader scope for high-quality and High Page Ranking website listings, to be enabled by this Paid Web Directory. The site says, the charges for listing are worked out and will be intimated in due course. Interested customers for further details can visit -

Rario Goc
New York, NY
United States