Brand New Website Offers a Wealth of Valuable Resources for Single Parents


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2011 -- For single parents, raising children alone can be a daunting task. From financial concerns, to support groups, to even finding love again, “going at it alone” can be enough to challenge even the strongest single parents.

This is the basis behind the recent release of Acting as a content-rich resource for single moms and dads, the website shows users not only how to make single parenting work, but how to make it into an enriching experience that fosters growth for both the parent and their children.

The website tackles all the common issues single parents face with seven different sections including Single Parent Dating, Home, Health & Lifestyle, Career & Education, Pregnancy & Parenting, Relationships and Money & Savings.

Within each section lies a wealth of free information that applies to all single parents regardless of age, sex, or socioeconomic background. Articles such as “How to Find Scholarships for Single Moms,” and “How to Help Your Child Cope With an Absent Parent” are some common titles that can be found on the site; all nestled within countless avenues for advice, tips, and resources for virtually any challenge a single parent might face.

Perhaps the most distinguishable quality of the website is that it acts as a hub for single parents to share their experiences, questions and advice. Users can ask other parents questions about a situation their facing, or even help out others that need an outside opinion. The website encourages participation, and with the number of members already frequenting the site, experts predict that it will be the go-to place for single parents within the next 6 months.

Jessica King, who has been a single parent for 2 years, comments: “This website has really been a god-send for me and my two sons. Being a single parent is extremely difficult- if the financial hardships weren’t enough then worrying about my boys certainly is. With all the challenges I go through I am a regular on the site, and the people there have been so helpful. Most people on the website are single parents just like me and their advice is invaluable. I would strongly suggest this website to any single parent who, like us all, needs a helping hand from time to time.”

This sentiment seems to be shared by the majority of users. More than being a valuable resource, it is a community of individuals that face distinctly similar challenges. Perhaps that is the reason it has seen such unprecedented success just months after its release- makes individual parents feel not so single anymore. To learn more, please visit: