Brand New Weight Loss Website Offers Detailed Weight loss Tips and Secrets- Groundbreaking Diet Strategies Revealed


Lebanon, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2011 -- Answering the increased demand for effective fat burning tips, Guide to Losing Fat is announcing the release of its new website that gives users a wealth of information for how to lose belly fat.

According to a recent study conducted by Fitness Magazine, the demand for effective weight loss systems is increasing at an exponential rate. People are desperately searching for quality information on how to lose stomach fat, but reputable websites with real advice are extremely difficult to come by.

This is the basis for Guide to Losing Fat. In an effort to give up-front value to its readers, the website provides a wealth of fiercely guarded industry secrets for how to melt away the fat in the quickest, most effective way possible.

It gives users information concerning how mental fatigue due to dieting can impact a users health, why BMI (body mass index) is not as important as many dieters believe, the single best diets for losing weight and actually keeping it off, how water can promote weight loss, as well as the difference between good fats and bad fats.

Guide to Losing Fat also shows how weight lifting can turn the body into a fat burning machine and how the intake or protein can either make or break a diet. Tips and secrets can be found all over the site, such as how “one pound of muscle burns 50 calories in a day where as one pound of fat burns only 8 calories.” Whether a user wants to learn how to get rid of love handles, or how to get rid of stomach fat, the website is a one stop resource for all a dieter’s needs.

While Guide to Losing Fat certainly offers users a wealth of free advice, perhaps the most distinguishable part of the site is that it gives objective reviews on some of the most popular diet programs on the market today. Diets such as The Lemonade Diet are scrutinized on their strengths and weaknesses from real, unbiased users.

So far Guide to Losing Fat has been met with rave reviews from the weight loss community. More than providing quality information on how to melt off fat, the website also offers great resources for viewers to find other weight loss programs that actually work. To learn more about Guide to Losing Fat, or to see why it has received such rave reviews from the weight loss community, please go to: