Joe Bragg Provides Instant, Detailed Information About World's Most Popular Brands


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2012 -- In a world filled with advertising, it can be difficult to get an unbiased opinion about any company. Corporations have entire departments that concentrate on protecting their brand’s image, and successful brand management can determine the success or failure of a company.

Today, brand management professionals have one more website to deal with when seeking to optimize their brand’s online presence: At, visitors will find detailed descriptions about some of today’s most popular companies.

The website features public portfolios for every company in its database. These portfolios include basic information like a 200 word description of the brand, as well as a Twitter feed and trending YouTube videos about the company. Pages also feature user-generated reviews and a rating designated by the unique rating system of

A spokesperson for the company explained how seeks to help consumers as they search for companies to do business with:

“Today, it’s hard to decipher the advertising that surrounds each brand. Companies spend millions of dollars creating the perfect brand image, and often, that brand image is different from the services that companies actually offer. Instead of throwing a bunch of advertising lingo at users, BrandsInPublic wants to combine social media information, Better Business Bureau ratings, and user reviews all on a single page.”

Users can find portfolios based on what industry the brand is in. The front page of the website currently categorizes brands into four different categories: health, tech, apparel, and other. Health is currently the most popular category, with portfolios for major brands like Nutrisystem, TF Supplements, and Vitamin Shoppe already available to visitors.

In addition to offering reviews, news, and information about a specific brand, will also post relevant coupon codes. For example, many of the brands featured on sell products online, and visitors can simply enter a coupon code to gain access to discount savings.

Although the website is currently under construction, plans to be up and running within the next several weeks. BrandsInPublic already features portfolios of many popular brands and websites, and new portfolios are being added on a daily basis.

Instead of relying on official company advertising to portray a brand’s image, visitors to can learn the true meaning behind each brand. From social media involvement to reviews from actual customers, wants to educate visitors on the meaning behind some of the world’s biggest brand names.

About offers public portfolios of some of the world’s hottest brands. Each portfolio includes social media information about the company as well as reviews from actual customers and a basic description of the brand. For more information, please visit: