Brandsmiths Offers Intellectual Property Protection Services to Help Protect Clients' IP Rights


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2022 -- Brandsmiths, reputed intellectual property solicitors in the UK, offers intellectual property protection services to help protect clients' IP rights. They identify, register, and enforce intellectual property rights while providing legal advice on intellectual property issues. Their services are designed to identify the key elements of IP and to secure as much as possible whilst highlighting potential issues going forward. Whether you are a multinational business or an individual, their services provide a fast, efficient and cost-effective route for protecting inventions, trademarks or designs across borders.

They can help businesses register their IP where registration is possible and to assert ownership rights where it is not. Their intellectual property lawyers also represent our clients in intellectual property litigation, intellectual property arbitration, intellectual property mediation, intellectual property licensing, joint ventures, and other commercial transactions. Designed to detect, disrupt, and dismantle intellectual property (IP) crime, their services protect your brand and prevent IP infringements online and offline. Businesses looking to protect their intellectual property rights can check out Brandsmiths' website for more information.

A representative from the company stated, "Intellectual property (or IP) refers to creative work which can be treated as an asset or physical property. Intellectual property rights fall principally into four main areas; copyright, trademarks, design rights and patents. Our experts grow and protect some of the world's biggest brands, and we pride ourselves on being able to adapt regardless of size, rate of growth or targets. This flexibility enables us to help develop and monetise clients' IP rights."

Brandsmiths is one of the most well-renowned commercial litigation firms in the UK, offering highly effective legal support to businesses and entrepreneurs in the UK. They are recognised for their legal excellence, innovation, commitment, and outstanding analytical abilities. Their industry-leading service and professional approach have been recognised with numerous awards and industry accolades.

About Brandsmiths
Brandsmiths is a boutique litigation firm based in Central London. Specialising in intellectual property, sports and commercial matters, acting for well-known brands in luxury goods, football, fashion, technology, motorsport and FMCG sectors. The firm combines critical legal expertise with commercial nous and strategic thinking to provide the best consulting. They are consultants, specialists, facilitators, and dealmakers who use their technical expertise and business insight to solve problems and close deals in various fields.

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