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Brass Foils Market Is Expected to Grow at Considerable CAGR Owing to the Growth of Demand from Electrical & Electronics Industry

Global Brass Foils Market by Type (Oxygen-Free High Conductivity Copper (OFHC), Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) Copper, Deoxidized High Phosphorous (DHP) Copper, Deoxidized Low Phosphorous (DLP) Copper), by End Use Industries (Electrical & Electronics, Automotive, Construction, Industrial Machinery, and Others), by Region till 2013


Pune, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2017 -- Market Overview:
Brass is a metallic alloy synthesized by combination of copper and zinc. The varying proportion of copper and zinc provides different types of brass alloys with different mechanical and electrical properties. Foil is a thin sheet of metal made out by high pressure rolling or hammering the bar of parent metal. The metal is needed to be malleable for obtaining thinner sheet or foil. Brass foils exhibit an important properties such as mechanical, electrical and metallurgical properties, smooth and bright surface finish. In addition to this, brass foils are highly durable, sustainable, 100% recyclable, which mitigate environmental concerns and make it preferable in making durable machinery parts. The Global Metal Foils Market is estimated grow at 6.5% during the forecast period. Growing demand of portable electronics around the world is anticipated to fuel the demand of Brass Foil.

Market Segmentation:
The Global Brass Foil Market is segmented on the basis type, end use industry, and region. On the basis of type the market is divided into Oxygen-Free High Conductivity Copper (OFHC), Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) copper, Deoxidized High Phosphorous (DHP) copper, Deoxidized Low Phosphorous (DLP) copper. Among these types, OFHC is holding major share of overall demand in brass foils. OFHC finds major applications electrical and electronics industry. It includes microwave tube, vacuum capacitors, vacuum seals and wave guides. The largest application of OFHC can be seen in the hadron collider, which is the world's largest particle collider built to investigate the structure of sub-atomic particles. ETP copper is another important type of Brass Foils, which is extensively used in automotive and electrical industry. Its basic properties such as greater tensile strength and electrical conductivity makes it useful in transformer windings, bus bars, and motor windings. DHP is major used in manufacturing the industrial machinery distillery, heat exchanger shells, kettles, and condenser tubes. The durability and recyclability of this product is expected to favor its demand from industrial machinery segment, in coming year. Lastly, DLP is another important type of Brass Foil. It is majorly used in automotive and electrical industries as connectors, terminals, relays and components of semiconductor.

Based on end use industries the Global Brass Foils Market is segmented into electrical & electronics, automotive, construction, industrial machinery, and others, wherein electrical & electronics segment is consuming maximum overall Brass Foils. Global electrical & electronics market is growing at highest rate among the other end user industries of Brass Foils. There is increasing penetration of power electricity in hitherto untapped remote areas, which is expected to fuel the demand of brass foils. Automotive industry is steadily growing with an increasing demand of vehicles around the world. The embedded electronics in automotive is constantly penetrating further due to an advent of hybrid vehicles. In coming years the electric vehicle market is anticipated to rise manifolds on account of environmental concerns against use of the conventional fuel based vehicles. This, in turn is projected to propel the growth of the global brass foils market. Moreover, rapid industrialization in developing countries would increase the demand of Brass Foil in manufacturing the industrial machinery. Construction activities are constantly increasing to provide shelter to the growing population, which may witness growth in demand of Brass Foils from construction segment.

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Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America are the major markets in the Global Brass Foil Market. Other important regions include the Middle East & Africa. Among major regions of the Global Brass Foil Market Asia Pacific is the largest and fastest growing region. The region accounts of 54% of the global brass foil market owing to the presence of major key players and end use industries. The major end use industries in this region include electrical & electronics and automotive. India, China, and Japan are the leading markets in this region. The government scheme called Din Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana (rural electrification scheme) has been recently adopted by Indian government to electrify hitherto dark villages and also to provide uninterrupted power supply to them. This is expected to fuel the demand of brass foil in making switch gears, transformer winding, and other electrical components. Chinese government is also on fore front when it comes to electrify a remote Tibetan plateau region. There are many small Hydro Electric Projects (HEP's) in this region which are providing electricity to the remote pockets through small grid. This in turn is anticipated to drive the demand of brass foils in the regional market. Apart from this, there is growing use of use of household and portable electronic devices in this region such as mobile phone, microwave oven, and refrigerators, among the others. In addition to this, construction activities are steadily rising in this region to cater need of the growing population in developing countries in this region. Collectively, the growing demand of Brass Foils from major end use industries in Asia Pacific is driving the regional market forward.

Europe is also a significant market in the Global Brass Foils Market. Countries namely, Germany, U.K., and France are the major markets in this region owing to the presence of established automotive industry. The growing demand of electric and hybrid vehicles around the world is attributed to the rising sentiments in favor of environmental concerns. The region accounts for world's largest automobile production and this trend is likely to continue throughout the forecast period. This is projected to fuel the demand of brass foil in this region. North America is another substantial region in the global brass foils market, wherein U.S. is the largest market share holder. An increasing reconstruction activities and well-established automotive industry are favoring the demand of Brass Foils in this region. The regional metal alloys market of North America has been estimated grow at CAGR of 5%, which may propel the growth of brass foil market in this region. The Middle East & Africa is witnessing steady growth of construction and sports industry. This is attributed to forthcoming FIFA world cup which the region is hosting in 2022.

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