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Brave Flyer: Innovative New Book Helps Readers Reach for the Sky and End Their Fear of Flying

Michael Salem’s ‘Brave Flyer’ approach is the culmination of four years of diligent research, expert interviews and experiments. Instead of using reassuring statistics and blind positivity, the model employs a mind-shifting approach which directly matches with the thought patterns and language of fearful flyers.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2013 -- While flying affords boundless global opportunities, more than thirty million Americans reluctantly travel (or sometimes not at all) due to their fear of flying. While statistics and reassurance rarely improve their outlook, a ground-breaking new book has touched down to offer a truly innovative and proven new method to help anyone spread their wings with gusto.

‘Brave Flyer: How to End Your Fear of Flying’ outlines the Brave Flyer Approach, a hugely-successful model that was developed by Michael Salem after he spent more than a decade with a fear so fierce that he was unable to step on a plane.


The Brave Flyer is the first book that finally uncovers why people continue to fear flying, even though they are very familiar with the safety statistics, or have read about all the physics behind it.

This revolutionary book will open your eyes for the first time to the true reasons why you fear flying. You will be surprised to learn that what is causing you to fear flying has very little to do with your fear of being involved in a plane crash, and everything to do with how you deal with your Active Imagination (your # 1 enemy on the plane), as well as the emotional impact of what I refer to as 'external elements' on you.

This book will give you the most important tools to rid yourself from your fear to fly by:

- Unveiling to you the true causes behind your flying fears. If you know what is causing your fears, you will know what to tackle and resolve. You will be surprised!

- Providing you solutions for the actual fear(s) you suffer from. Remember, what is known as 'Fear of Flying' phobia is nothing but a single (or multiple) fear(s) and phobia disguising as a single phobia.

- Sharing with you a step-by-step actions you should take to prepare yourself for a nice, worry-free flight. It tells you in details what you should do, starting from the day you plan to travel, all the way to boarding a plane, and everything in between.

- Introducing very innovative mental exercises that can do magic to eliminate your fear of flying on your travel day and on-board the plane.

As the author explains, his book provides unique and practical steps to address every possible fear a flyer could suffer from.

“I hardly speak about scientific and safety statistics, because fear of flying is an irrational emotion and most fearful flyers will not get over their fears based on airline safety statistics. Instead, I offer a concrete plan that outlines each fear and gives proven steps to overcoming them,” says Salem.

Continuing, “Fearful flyers are missing out on business opportunities, many miss weddings and reunions , and families miss out on vacations. There really isn’t such a thing as ‘fear of flying’; it’s a collection of phobias that I address so that readers no longer have to miss out on what travel has to offer.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“As a nervous flyer, I found this book to be a pragmatic and refreshing take on fear of flying. The author is at turns humorous and informative, and approaches the topic with a genuine understanding often absent in these sort of publications,” says Addy L, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Another reader was equally as impressed, saying, “If you are a person who finds it difficult NOT to be nervous when flying on an airplane, then this book WILL BE helpful. The author goes over just about all the reasons that could cause a fear of flying.”

‘Brave Flyer: How to End Your Fear of Flying’ is available now: http://www.braveflyer.com/

About the Author: Michael Salem
Michael Salem is an American author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He was educated at the University of Oklahoma and George Washington University. He is married and has four children.

He is best known for his book "Brave Flyer: How to End Your Fear of Flying" which helped numerous victims of Fear of Flying from all around the world overcome their phobia and start flying again.