Bray and Dad Book Series to Plant Seeds of Entrepreneurship in Children's Minds

Bray and Dad, a new book series for children, written by Ken and Braylon Moultrie who aim at preparing children to think like an entrepreneur, is set to be launched in January, 2016.


Douglasville, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2016 -- Young entrepreneurs are making big bucks in today's corporate world. The Bray and Dad book series, to be launched in January 2016, will offer a new perspective on encouraging childhood responsibilities. In this case, Bray and Dad will foster the entrepreneur mind set in young children. Statistics show that more and more adults are getting involved in start-ups and the Bray and Dad series aims to help show young children the entrepreneurial mindset in order to prepare them for a workforce that will be highly entrepreneur-oriented.

Today's children are growing up in a highly competitive world. They need to grow up with a personality that helps them succeed in the highly saturated market. It will be a huge setback for them if they cannot break out of the employee-type mentality. "We give them chores, and we pay them for their chores." says one of the Bray and Dad authors, Ken Moultrie, "Subconsciously, we are giving them comfort as an employee".

Ken believes the only way to disrupt the chain is to strike the iron when it is hot. The book series "Bray and Dad" is thus dedicated to the development of entrepreneurial concepts to children. The series aims at imbibing a dynamic thought process, so that children start dreaming of owning at an early age. They grow into proud and independent adults, courageous enough to take charge and responsible enough to lead one's teams. Ken and Braylon's latest book – "Bray and Dad" shall be available on most online book stores, including Amazon!

About the Authors
Ken Moultrie (Dad) brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the topic. Having received his bachelor's degree from Kent State University, he is an entrepreneur by profession and holds a degree of MBA from Case Western Reserve. He tries to incorporate essentials of entrepreneurship in kids through small fun activities. Having more than 15 years of experience in product strategy and entrepreneurship the author has realized that the needs of today's world are different from the past and our future generations should be trained keeping in mind the needs of this modern era of information and technology.

Braylon Moultrie is a young business entrepreneur who has a passion for reading. Being a young man he loves challenges and being a kid.

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