Joe Bragg Gains Attention for Helping Women Sculpt the Body of Their Dreams


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2012 -- Many people are unhappy with the way they look, and this is often due to problems with fitness and weight. Sculpting the ideal body is an incredibly difficult task, and is a goal that many people have but few ever achieve. However, it becomes significantly easier when following an effective fitness program.

One fitness program that is getting a lot of attention recently is, a program designed specifically for women by fitness expert Katia Luna. Brazil Body Now has quickly built a reputation for being an incredibly fast, easy and effective way to achieve a stunning body.

The program’s success is said to be down to the background of its creator. Katia Luna is a Latin dance and Brazilian Samba champion, and has performed in hundreds of Brazilian carnival events. In these events the dancers are required to maintain a high standard of fitness, and they also need to look great in very revealing costumes. takes the effective fitness methods used by samba dancers to prepare for these events and formulates them into a simple and easy to follow plan, so that normal women can achieve the incredible body of a samba dancer. The Brazil Body Now results are said to be incredibly quick and dramatic, with complete body transformations occurring in two months or even less.

A spokesperson for the site said: “A complete body transformation is never going to be easy, but there is a right way to go about it. Many people waste months or even years doing ineffective exercises, and watch their precious motivation slip away and turn into apathy and complacency. Who can blame them, when they try so hard but nothing seems to work? However, Brazil Body Now is different. It’s an expertly created guide on how to get an incredible body with the minimum amount of effort. It can work for anyone, no matter how long they have been overweight. It doesn’t even matter if they’ve never done a day of exercise in their life. As long as they follow the carefully created fitness map they are sure to get the body they want, much sooner than they expect.”

About is a fitness program designed especially for women, helping them to lose fat and sculpt an incredible, toned body. It was created by Katia Luna, an international fitness expert.

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