Brazilians Are the Leading Buyers of Centercon Properties


Sao Paulo, Brazil -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- Instead of taking Miami apartments for rent, a growing number of Brazilians prefer to invest in Miami real estate. This development is mainly due to the extremely high real estate prices in Brazil. The more favorable market in the United States however, presents a great opportunity for Brazilians to take advantage of. As a result, the Florida real estate market is growing stronger. One of the company's that genuinely pushes to bring in outside investment is Centercon.

Centercon Properties, one of the leading players in the offers a wide range of real estate properties for sale. In fact, the company has been in the construction business since 1995. And it surely has proven itself in the industry.

Centercon's available properties include residential and commercial estates. But more than offering viable real estate properties, the company aims to help their clients take advantage of investment opportunities that truly pay off. The company does this by opening new opportunities in the United States housing market. Through this, willing investors from Brazil and other parts of the world can expand their portfolio and generate real income.

Miami is indeed a great destination. Brazilian businessmen who frequent the city recognize the opportunity to maintain ownership to some properties there. This certainly makes their vacation more leisurely. On the side, such properties can also be turned to income generators with the help of Centercon.

In addition to Brazilians, Florida real estate is also sought after by the Venezuelans. However, the investments from the latter seem to be dwindling while real estate purchases from Brazil continue to pour in.

It certainly is an exciting development for the real estate business and Centercon Properties is glad to be in the front row. With the company's years of experience and unwarranted reputation, there is no doubt more business opportunities are to be expected whether from Brazil, Venezuela or other foreigners who have the means to help keep the Miami real estate market in business.