Breakfast Has Always Been the Most Important Meal of the Day…Especially when Love Is on the Menu



Hamilton, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- "Can You Stay for Breakfast?”  is a story about that little thing that we call Love. But not just any ordinary Love. No, it’s about the kind of Love that takes a person on a journey leaving only moments in between to catch your breath. A forbidden love that endures all things bears all things…even if you have to die trying. With mouth dropping twists, explosive outcomes and unexpected mishaps, this book paints love a whole new shade of red.

This book is especially geared toward women; all women. As a girl, women are taught to Find the Man, Make the Man fall in love with you, and last but not least, get the Man to marry you. Someone forgot to mention that getting the man to stay around for breakfast would be the hardest job of them all.

About B.M. Hardin
B.M. Hardin a Communications Major has always had a way with words and knows just how to use them. Also the author of   the popular social media quotes “Grandma Says” her ability to combine reality and advice with a ton of enthusiasm, leaves readers of her works at a loss for words.

This book gives you love, drama, suspense, with just a drop of erotica. With enough twist and turns to knock your socks off, reading has never been so darn sexy! You will find the book sold in print and e book format at, Barnes & Noble, Booksamillion, Bakers & Taylor and Ingram distribution companies.

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