Breaking News: Electronic Cigarettes Are Swarming the Market with Enthusiastic Buyers Lining Up for It

Smoke safe and healthy, completely hassle free! Electronic smoking has many advantages over traditional smoking. The yester year way might not be that conducive as compared to its new counterpart. Do away with old methods and adopt new inventions.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- Electronic cigarettes are making waves in the gadgets market and are popular with gadget freaks as well as cigarette lovers. This new way of smoking is a complete revolutionary idea that makes it very conducive and easy. So what is this new invention? Electronic cigarettes basically produce vapor on heating liquid containing nicotine. Smokers inhale this vapor and enjoy this experience. Gone are the days when one has to deal with ash and combustion odor. Now one can just enjoy ones favorite flavor with a nicotine kick.

How does this great idea work? All it takes is An Ecig kit which includes automatic and manual Ecig battery 10 e-liquid cartridges a USB ecig charger and wall adapter. Now puff on the automatic battery or switch on the manual one and let the battery charge the atomizer which will heat the liquid and produce vapor. This vapor will give the desired kick.

Available in 10 different and exciting flavors, three well known ones are Red which is similar to Marlboro; Sahara, great for Camel smokers and Congress, good for Parliament smokers. Other flavors are Mint-tea, Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Peppermint, Menthol, Cherry and Cola.

Smoking can be an enjoyable act if done in moderation. With Ecigs one doesn’t have to inhale unwanted vapor, one gets the desired output because of its smart mechanism. Passive smokers and onlookers need not suffer because of smoke from tar. It is an odorless way of smoking with smell not lingering on clothes and body. Since it does not have a flame it is very safe and is definitely a healthier way of smoking than the traditional one.

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