Breaking News: Judgement in High Court Social Media Libel Action

A libel case has engulfed the social media scene – with potentially costly consequences for perpetrators.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2014 -- A break up between friends took a sinister turn when Joanne Walder, represented by London defamation specialists Pinder Reaux & Associates, found herself on the receiving end of malicious comments on Facebook, following a break up with her friend Sharon Smith.

The nature of the comments made were such that caused deep distress and concern to Ms Walder as serious accusations were levied against her concerning her causing harm to children. The substance of the comments is wholly denied by Ms Walder and has subsequently led to a successful claim in defamation in the High Court of England and Wales, despite the comments only being broadcast to a private group of friends.

Following a claim for libel being issued, Ms Smith failed to comply with court procedure and judgment has now been entered at the High Court in favour of Ms Walder with a hearing scheduled for next week to deal with the quantification of damages.

Rupinder Bains, the solicitor heading the case and Managing Director of Pinder Reaux & Associates commented, “Whilst this case has not been concluded as yet and damages remain to be assessed, what is clear, is that a claim in defamation can be successful even where the comments in question have been made to a private group of friends. This highlights again, the importance of thinking before posting any comments online. The substance of what was said will carry a lot of weight as well”.

The case is yet another example of how Facebook and other social media outlets need to be used with utmost caution.

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