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Breaking the Human Code: Revolutionary New Book Helps Readers Defy DNA & Beat Life's Real Bully - the Enemy Within

Written by award-winning poet and author, Vincent Parisi, ‘Breaking the Human Code’ not only shows anyone how to become their own personal life coach, but also exposes an amazingly-simple way to understand oneself. Proving that everyone’s ego is their own worst enemy and responsible for all of their personal problems, Parisi’s text is poised to change lives around the world.


Jersey City, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2013 -- With everyone suffering problems and the situation in Washington resulting in dire consequences for America, it’s easy to conclude that Earth is one ‘screwed up’ planet to be living on. However, while millions point their fingers at family, friends and the Government, author Vincent Parisi is urging them to turn it back on themselves.

Through his life-changing new book, ‘Breaking the Human Code’ Parisi shows why the real bully is our ego or ‘human side’. After understanding and accepting this bold revelation, readers will discover an amazing new way to understand themselves, their problems and their relationships with others.

“The enemy is the human side of us. We need to go to the next level, the being level, and the level of who we really are. The whole idea is about not having the human side of you, the ego, in charge of your life. The human side of us has, and is, committing mental and physical violence against itself and others! It must be stopped for the human race to survive! Just take a look at Washington – Ego greed is stopping politicians from coming together to come up with answers to our country’s problems,” says Parisi.

Continuing, “My book helps readers answer vital questions such as what is the game of life? What is work and school? What is the best kept secret in America? and what is nature’s true success formula? Through inspirational poetry, advice, mini games and reflections, all readers will be empowered to defy their own DNA and triumph in all areas of life. It’s spiritual, but doesn’t disturb to question any of the world’s religions.”

‘Breaking the Human Code’ follows Parisi’s hugely-successful ‘Success Is You’ mini book. Based on his acclaimed seminar program of the same name, the small yet immensely-powerful book assists readers in bettering their lives by applying natural laws and embracing social transformation.

“This previous book creates peace of mind and freedom for all by deploying a series of ‘happiness exercises’. In short, it’s a guide to the complicated game of life and how to play it. Through further inspirational prose and poetry, anyone can discover what is missing from their success and figure out how to put it in place with gusto,” Parisi adds.

Since its release, the book and its associated program have garnered a string of rave reviews.

“Many of the motivational programs around today are too complex and abstract to appeal to the type of students training in America's proprietary schools. Yours is a seminar which ‘hits home’ in a very simplistic but effective manner. Not only is the message well received and understood, but the way in which it is transmitted is exciting and fun,” says M.L., Director of Career Services Union Technical Institute.

Another attendee was equally as impressed, adding, “You have given me strategies to help me deal with difficult people and situations. Your genuine concern for my well-being, and your skills as a counselor have helped give me peace of mind and put me back on the track to health and happiness. I am very grateful for the positive impact you have made on my life.”

With demand for his books increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible,

‘Breaking the Human Code’ and ‘Success Is You!’ are available now.

For more information, visit: http://www.therealyou.org.

About the Author: Vincent Parisi
Vincent Parisi was born in a small town called Pace Del Mela in the province of Messina, Sicily. At the age of about nine or ten, he experienced a revelation that he was one with the world and vice versa.

A wonderful, peaceful feeling came over him, and at the age of fourteen he came to America. Mr. Parisi believes that different nationalities and most organized religions separate people instead of uniting them, and he believes that the USA is a testing ground for all of this. Mr. Parisi is a certified Hypnos counselor, writer, poet, motivator and a lecturer on self-esteem and spirituality.

He is a national award winner for poetry, and has done numerous lectures and seminars on these subjects. He is also the winner of a DALE CARNEGIE course in NYC for best speech and human relations.