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Smallingerland, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- Jay Kay Bak the creator of ‘Html in WordPress’ plugin said: “This WordPress page converter plugin will be the secret weapon of choice for all astute internet marketers in 2013 & beyond. It is made particularly for people who love to create or convert their own WordPress sites... or who want to do it with ease.”

It is not like one of these generic plugins you find at the WordPress Market, the ones which promise so much but delivers too little, or are too complicated to use that you have to read a 20 page manual.

Converting html to WordPress using this plugin is like having a magic hat that not only converts your site in record speed that it makes your head to spin, but you also retains all the simplicity and formatting control of your original html page and can of course edit it in your html editor of choice.

It took the developers seven months of research and beta testing to come up with such a superior not-seen-before plugin. It was months in development because they had to overcome many obstacles to allow for all the variables that are encountered with different html pages and files.

Until now, it would take you ages (some times many days) just to replicate a single html sales page, but now this magical plugin has made that process a breeze which takes only two minutes. It is perfect for dummies who know nothing about coding, but is also great for professional coders since it will save much of their time.

Why is everyone converting their sites to WordPress pages? There is no doubt about this; it is a superior web page with many customizations options. It gives better conversions when it is used as a landing page. It is also easy to do both on-page and off-page SEO optimization. WP is actually bread and butter when it comes to internet marketing.

The developer added an extra feature to juice it up. A powerful yet necessary SEO facility was built in to the Html in WordPress plugin that allows one to add title, meta-keywords and description to optimize every single page making it unnecessary to use any other SEO plugin. One of the beta testers could only describe the plugin as “the plugin tool that rocks!”

This is truly a breakthrough tool for internet marketers.

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