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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Prescription Hormone Diet Plans That Lead to a Reduced Risk for Deadly Breast Cancer in American Men

Decades ago, breast cancer was a disease that primarily affected women. Today, thousands of American men are receiving this devastating diagnosis. Diet Doc’s safe, convenient and natural prescription hormone diet plans help men reduce this risk.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- Although breast cancer is rare among men, Banner Graphic recently reported that over 2200 men will be diagnosed this year and, of those men, over 400 will die. Many times, because of lack of knowledge, as well as embarrassment, men tend to overlook symptoms of breast cancer and avoid consulting a physician with breast concerns. Because of this, most men are typically diagnosed with a more advanced stage of breast cancer that has spread beyond the breasts and into the lymph nodes. All men must pay strict attention to the warning signs of breast cancer, which may include a lump in or around the breast, nipple discharge, dimpling of the nipple and changes in the texture of the skin surrounding the breast.

Although estrogen is predominantly a female hormone, men carry small amounts in their bodies as well. Because men do have lower levels of estrogen, their risk for developing breast cancer is reduced. However, when these levels are increased, the risk rises. Among the most common triggers thought to elevate estrogen in men are excessive consumption of alcohol, stress, and obesity. Abusing alcohol can lead to liver deterioration, making it difficult for the body to break down estrogen, while excessive and unmanaged stress can lead to sluggish and fatigued adrenal glands resulting in increased estrogen levels. Among the factors that increase an obese or overweight man’s cancer risk is that the body naturally increases the release of insulin. This excess insulin is known to stimulate tumor growth, and because the body converts excess fat to estrogen, overweight or obese men are far more likely to have elevated levels of estrogen, which significantly increases their risk for breast cancer.

Although scientists are tenacious in their research and many breakthroughs are discovered each day, to date there has been no development in the discovery of the prevention of the devastating and, often fatal, breast cancer diagnosis. It is known, however, that healthy habits, including practicing a healthy diet and losing excess weight, significantly decreases the risk of breast cancer in, both, men and women.

To reduce every man’s risk for developing this devastating disease and to improve recovery and to avoid recurrence for those that have already been diagnosed with breast cancer, Diet Doc has designed prescription hormone diet plans that have helped thousands of Americans safely and successfully lose excess weight. Men who are ready to take the first step toward preventing breast cancer, as well as countless other weight related diseases, will complete an extensive, yet quite simple, medical evaluation followed by a consultation with a Diet Doc in-house board certified physician. Based on this information, certified nutritionists will work closely with each man to design diet plans that are unique and comfortable for each particular patient. Age, activity level, lifestyle, medical history and anticipated fast weight loss goals will be discussed.

For weight loss acceleration, qualified men will be prescribed Diet Doc’s all natural hormone medication, which will be administered under medical guidance. This prescription hormone is manufactured in Diet Doc’s own fully licensed and FDA approved, United States based pharmacies to assure that each patient is receiving only the most potent, safest and best prescription hormone product available on today’s market. Because the prescription hormone naturally suppresses the appetite, and is fortified with energy boosting Vitamin B12, men are losing weight fast without the typical dieting side effects of energy loss or between meal cravings. The powerful combination of the tailor made diet plans, and the most potent and purest prescription hormone, turns the body into a fat burning machine, rapidly melting away pounds and inches and leaving men looking and feeling better than ever before.

Because Diet Doc utilizes the most current technology, evaluations, consultations, weekly progress reporting and weight loss monitoring can be accomplished from the comfort of each man’s living room, conveniently and confidentially. This eliminates the need for time consuming and costly visits to physicians and local weight loss clinics. This technology has enabled the professionals at Diet Doc to reach men in even the most remote areas of the country. For further convenience, all supplements and diet aids will be shipped directly to each man’s doorstep. A Certificate of Analysis will be included in their package, performed by a third party laboratory, detailing the quality and levels of each active ingredient.

Thousands of American men will receive the devastating breast cancer diagnosis this year. The professionals at Diet Doc are committed to doing their part to help reduce this risk by offering the most convenient, safest and most effective prescription hormone diet plans available. The company’s goal is to provide each man with the knowledge and expertise of specially trained and board certified physicians, nurses and nutritionists to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle leading to a reduced risk for a host of weight related diseases, including male breast cancer.

Personalized diet plans are designed for those of any size and shape and are compatible with almost any medical condition and, with plans structured to fit comfortably into almost any budget, Diet Doc makes healthy, safe and natural weight loss affordable and possible for all men. Call the experts today to schedule a free, personal and confidential consultation.

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