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Szczecin, Poland -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- Breast Actives offers a six-month system to reliable and sustained breast enlargement.

Breast enhancement product sales have continued to grow, even through the economic problems of the last several years. Women spend over a five hundred million dollars a year on breast enlargement and breast enhancement surgeries and products. The marketplace sits full of options, both surgical and natural, and new techniques, pills, implants and surgeries get introduced regularly.

Since the early 2000's one product has gained a following and reputation as a non-invasive, natural, breast enhancement option. Breast Actives reviews have shown that again and again many women choose and stick with this product for natural breast enhancement. Breast Actives provides a system of pills and cream that can enlarge breasts up to 2 cups sizes in around 4 months. Studies have shown that the pills and cream work best together. Using one of the other alone greatly diminishes the breast enlargement effect. This why Breast Actives is sold only in a pill and cream combination.

Unlike similar products, Breast Actives is not a breast enhancement system which must be maintained in an on-going regimen. After 6 months, users of Breast Actives can stop using the pills and cream and begin using a two week maintenance treatment every 3-4 months.

The pills in the Breast Actives systems contain 8 active ingredients, all of which are known to promote breast enlargement. Breast Actives has demonstrated that these 8 active, natural, ingredients work best in combination together.

The cream has different active ingredients than the pill, unlike other products where the cream consists of the exact same ingredients that are in the pills. Breast Actives cream is non-greasy and smells pleasant. All ingredients in both the cream and the pills are on the FDA Safe List, and have no known side-effects.

Breasts Actives contributes to breast enlargement by swelling breast tissue, through the natural ingredients in the pills, and firming the skin, through use of the cream, which also gives the breasts a naturally radiant glow.

Women using Breast Actives have reported positive side-effects including increased sex-drive, decreased PMS symptoms and a sense of well-being.

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Breast Actives Original is a worldwide marketer and distributor of the Breast Active system.

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