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New South Wales, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- Breedles Publishing Company has some of the best e books to their credit which are available for purchase at extremely affordable prices. The e books belong to the Indie genre of reading which is removed from the traditional genres of books and stories.

The most popular genres in story telling are fiction, non-fiction, drama, thriller, suspense, romance, children’s collection, comical and humor and what not. Indie genre of books do not follow any set pattern of writing and authoring and are genuinely a mixed collection of emotions and events that cannot be categorized into simply one genre of e books. For this reason, many Indie authors have found it difficult to create a fan base for their writings as more and more publishers stick to the traditional genres of writing and force the writers to either change the story plot or alter it to fit into one or more genres of existing types of books. However, Breedles Publishing Company must be praised for letting writers and authors express themselves fully and blatantly without any alterations to the script and in helping many talented writers to start a career down this uncertain yet intriguing path.

Indie genre of book writing is inspired by the 70s and 80s Indie music era, the transitional period of rock’n’roll and pop industry’s amalgamation. There was no fixed music of that decade as the rock and roll from the previous decade was shifting aside to create room for pop music culture. Hence this unidentified period of music created an altogether new kind of tunes that borrowed something from both genres.

At Breedles Publishing Company, people can grab bargain ebooks at superb prices. For each book, there is a small description of the plot, ending on a question or rhetoric to fill the reader with interest as to read the rest of the story soon. The prices of the books are affordable and available through Amazon, Smashwords and other online book companies.

Indie authors such as Cate Mara and Katri Cardew have officially launched their books through the publishing company and have started a previously interrupted revolution of Indie authors with their compelling stories that a reader will not tire of by going through over and over again.

Children’s books such as the one by Cate Mara are full of colorful illustrations to capture children’s attention and uses simple words to educate kids. The Fantasy novels revolve around vampires written by Katri Cardew and contain a few parts both thrilling and exciting. Katri Cardew's Romance novels are also a big hit on the site.

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