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Breeze (TM) Infusion Technology Is the Focus of New Fundraiser Launched on Indiegogo Website


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- Jeff Carlisle, a serial entrepreneur from New Hampshire, has just launched a fundraising campaign on the Indiegogo website to help raise money for his innovative Breeze (TM) infusion technology. Carlisle plans to take the funding from the Indiegogo campaign and use it to go from the prototype phase to the production of specific elements of the system.

Described as a “novel approach to IV therapy,” Carlisle has designed his Breeze infusion technology to help improve the safety and effectiveness of this common medical procedure, by solving problems in IV therapy. He noted that the technology will help to provide key improvements in the workflow for caregivers, while also lowering costs.

In an article that accompanies his Indiegogo fundraiser, Carlisle has outlined five key areas that he feels will help revolutionize the $3 billion annual medical devices market, while also improving the quality of care for people who are currently receiving IV therapy.

For example, Carlisle said the Breeze is designed to eliminate workflow and infusion interruptions. More specifically, the device’s unique active air elimination will lessen the number of bedside alarms, reduce patient anxiety, and prevent the disruption of the flow of fluid. “When an alarm sounds,” explains Carlisle, “the delivery of vital, sometimes lifesaving, medications is stopped, while a nurse spends critical minutes focused on a machine instead of the patient. We have reduced, and in many cases eliminated, the cause of those alarms.”

In addition, the mechanism is both simple and reliable, and will not require calibration, Carlisle said. The Breeze will feature a multi-year warranty, and the universal pump will incorporate several accessories for special purposes including an MRI adapter, Active Syringe Holder, Multi Source Selector, and PCA Command.

The device will also utilize an open source software that is based on “Internet of Things” technologies, which are powerful yet easy for people to use. As a bonus, Carlisle noted, the infusion system can be easily disinfected with one wipe of its smooth surface, and important consideration for infection control

“Once implemented, Breeze technology will relieve patients and their families from the anxiety of bedside alarms from IV pumps,” Carlisle wrote, adding that nurses can focus on the patient, rather than the technology.

“Biomedical engineers can focus on improvements, rather than repairs and troubleshooting...Doctors can feel more confident that prescriptions have been delivered as ordered.”

About Breeze (TM) Infusion Technology
Breeze (TM) infusion technology was created by serial entrepreneur Jeff Carlisle. Carlisle hopes that his mechanism will revolutionize and improve the safety and efficacy of IV therapy. Carlisle recently launched a fundraiser on the Indiegogo website to raise money for his project. For more information, please visit http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/novel-approach-to-iv-therapy/x/5477771