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Brennan and Company CPA, PC Advises on Why Taxpayers Are Seeing Lower Refunds This Year


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2019 -- As the top-rated provider of accounting and bookkeeping services throughout the Philadelphia region, Brennan and Company CPA, PC is committed to helping their clients prepare accurate tax returns and minimize their tax bills. Now, the organization is advising on why many taxpayers are experiencing smaller tax refunds this year.

As a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, there were changes that took effect this year and impacted the tax returns for many Americans across the country. Through reduced withholding, there have been incremental increases in the paychecks of a majority of taxpayers. However, this resulted in a smaller tax refund for most of them.

These smaller refunds have caught many U.S. citizens off guard, especially families with children under the age of 17. Because many taxpayers rely on their tax refund as a built-in means of saving money or paying down debt, this has been an unexpected financial hardship.

As a result of the smaller tax refunds, it's predicted that many industries will be affected, namely retail sales. Families tend to splurge on big-ticket items after they receive their tax refunds like cars, appliances, and furniture, but a reduced return can hamper those spending habits. So even though total tax bills may not be higher this year, it could still have a far-reaching economic impact.

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