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Rockford, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2013 -- According to the Houston Chronicle, birthday parties vary greatly in price depending on the location selected. For example, a paintball party for ten runs $160 for one hour of paintball for ten people while Chuck E. Cheese's runs $129.90 plus tax for a two hour party for ten. "Why spend this much and limit the child to only ten guests when, with the help of a party rental in Rockford IL inflatable, the child can have as many guests as he or she wants and enjoy the fun for four hours?," Brent Seay of Brent's Bouncin' Inflatables points out.

Parents choose the location for the party, invite as many guests as the child would like and have fun right along with the kids. Once the four hour rental period is up, the party may continue while staff members from the event rentals in Rockford IL company do the work of taking down the inflatable. The child can open presents, enjoy cake and ice cream with his or her friends and mingle. "Rushing though a party will no longer be required when this option is selected as the parents have more control over what happens at each stage of the party," Brent Seay states.

Parents worry when choosing this option as they fear dirty inflatables, inclement weather and more and yet Brent's Bouncin' Inflatables addresses these concerns. "When one uses birthday party rentals Rockford IL provided by our company, the inflatables undergo a thorough cleaning and disinfection process after each use. Staff members handle the set up and take down of equipment to ensure it is done properly and those renting the inflatables retain the option of canceling the rental all the way up to the morning of the event due to weather conditions. When this is the case, parents receive a rain check for the rental which remains good for one year," Mr. Seay continues.

Another concern of parents involves the location of the party. Many parents wish to invite their child's entire class and yet feel their home cannot accommodate a crowd of this size. Parks remain a good option when this is the case yet inflatables require a power source. "As most parks don't have established power supplies, Brent's Bouncin' Inflatables offers generator rental, perfect for supplying the power necessary for the inflatable. Our company strives to meet the needs of clients in every way possible. If a client believes something is needed to make the event perfect from start to finish, all he or she needs to do is ask and staff members will work to fulfill the request," Seay declares.

About Brent's Bouncin' Inflatables
Brent's Bouncin' Inflatables offers a wide range of inflatable toys, including bounce houses, combos and slides, interactive games, obstacle courses and water fun and dunk tanks, perfect for any event or occasion. Many inflatables feature favorite characters and the company offers chairs, tables and concessions to make planning easier for events, large and small. Whatever a client needs to make the event perfect in every way, Brent's Bouncin' Inflatables works to provide it, promising each client a fun time.