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Brexit Could Wipe out Fresh British Vegetables: Hydroponica Comments


Upper Poppleton, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2016 -- It has recently been reported that eliminating migrant workers from the supply chain could result in the abolishment of fresh British vegetables, with one leading British farmer in particular warning that if Brexit immigration controls are to prevent thousands of Eastern Europeans from working in the UK like planned, our supermarket shelves will no longer be able to offer British produce.

Guy Poskitt, the farmer in which the warning has come from has claimed that it is simply impossible to source enough British laborers to do the work needed to produce fresh British vegetables and that within as little as five days after taking away migrant workers, there would be no British vegetables on shop and supermarket shelves. Even when paying £9.50 per hour, without foreign workers from Eastern European countries the industry would likely collapse, this is because many locals are not willing to take the agriculture jobs on offer due to the physical labor that is often involved and also the small prospects for advancement.

A spokesperson from one hydroponics equipment provider however, Hydroponica, is urging people to take up hydroponic gardening in order to allow people to continue to enjoy fresh and nutritional produce regardless of what happens, saying, "It would be a real shame if shops and supermarkets did stop selling fresh British vegetables however thanks to hydroponics people will always be able to grow their own, which will be much tastier and more nutritious too. Hydroponics also boasts a range of incredible advantages for example it allows for growers to grow almost any vegetable within their own homes, regardless of outdoor seasons and weather conditions. It opens up so many miraculous opportunities."

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